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Steelers vs. Chargers, Week 11: 2nd quarter in-game update

The Pittsburgh Steelers are back on the gridiron! See what is happening during the team’s late game.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

1st Quarter In-Game Update

The Steelers’ second drive continued through the change of the quarters, and it looked as if Pittsburgh was ready to match the Chargers’ first quarter touchdown. An underthrown pass to a wide open Chase Claypool resulted in the Steelers offense looking at first and goal from the six-yard line. They ran four plays, and failed to score, keeping the score 7-3 after the turnover on downs.

Herbert’s second drive of the game looked a lot like his first. This time, he took the Chargers’ offense 98-yards down the field and capped off the impressive drive with a pass to Austin Ekeler for what was a way-too-easy drive for the second year quarterback. The point after made the score 14-3 with 3:42 left in the first half.

Despite it being the first half, the following Steelers’ drive had the feel of a must-have drive before the end of the first half. With the Pittsburgh defense looking less than stellar, Roethlisberger had big completions to Diontae Johnson to move the ball into Los Angeles territory. It was fitting the drive ended in a beautiful catch by Johnson in the corner of the end zone for the Steelers’ first touchdown of the game.

Chris Boswell’s point-after was good, making the score 14-10 with 1:09 left in the second quarter.

Who would have thought the Steelers scored too quick, but that’s exactly what happened. Herbert continued to shred the Pittsburgh defense, but fortunately for the Steelers the drive ended in a field goal, not a touchdown, for the first time in the game. The kick made the score 17-10 heading into halftime.