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Steelers vs. Chargers, Week 11: Knee Jerk Reactions to the Steelers 41-37 loss to the Chargers

The Steelers clawed their way back to take the lead late, but it still wasn’t enough.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Knee-jerk Reactions are immediate responses to a situation without taking the time to analyze the situation. That’s something as sports fans that we typically do. Especially if you are a full blood Yinzer, or even just a part Yinzer, who am I fooling it’s more like if you are a Steeler fan in general. As is the custom, I compile my knee-jerk thoughts and publish them immediately after each Steelers game (my son Kyle might have a few things to say as well). It’s my version of running my mouth first and apologizing later. So with that being said, I’m going to employ that philosophy here during Week 11 of the 2021 NFL Season. Let’s get this going, HERE......WE......GO!!!

1st Quarter

  • Steelers will receive the first half kickoff.
  • Steelers convert their first third down of the game, as Claypool hurdled the defender.
  • Steelers are able to complete to Freiermuth for their second third-down conversion.
  • Nice catch by Diontae. Steelers are now into field goal range.
  • Ben gets the defense to jump for a free play. He doesn't complete it and afterwards Diontae Johnson looks to be limping a little bit.
  • Not sure why they went end zone on third down and five. Would have liked to have just picked up a first there and keep that drive going.
  • Boswell knocks it through from 36. Steelers 3, Chargers 0.
  • Steelers give up a first down on third down and 14. I hate that.
  • Chargers moving the ball down the field inside the Steeler 30. Can definitely tell there's a bunch of guys missing from this defense.
  • Another completion in the Charges are now inside the 10-yard line.
  • Pass interference on James Pierre. Chargers are now first and goal at the one.
  • After a penalty on the Chargers, Eckler goes in from the six yard line untouched. Chargers 7, Steelers 3.
  • Not sure why Ben was throwing that ball deep into double coverage. He's lucky it was just an incomplete pass.
  • The Steelers converted the third and six to end the first quarter. Charger 7, Steelers 3.

2nd Quarter

  • On third down and two Najee fights and gets the first down.
  • Ben throws deep to Claypool. The throw was a little late or it would have been six. Instead it's first and goal on the five.
  • I'm wondering how that throw to Claypool was not interference because it looked very similar to what they called on James Pierre.
  • I have no idea what that fourth down play was supposed to be but it was ugly. Claypool having to wait on that long throw now cost the Steelers points.
  • So the Steelers after going for it on 4th down probably think ‘well, we have them backed up’ only to give up 10 yards on a run on first down.
  • Herbert takes off to run and Joe Schobert should have been able to see him and get him but instead followed the running back.
  • The Steelers defense just does not look like a very good defense right now. No pressure, lousy coverage, and just letting the Chargers move the ball as they please.
  • Alex Highsmith with a sack.
  • Eckler this time catches a touchdown against Devin Bush. Chargers 14, Steelers 3.
  • Diontae Johnson makes a great catch despite being interfered with.
  • That was the Diontae Johnson drive as he capped it off with a touchdown catch. Chargers 14, Steelers 10.
  • A sack by the defense is taken away by defensive hold in the secondary.
  • The Steelers are not only going to give up a field goal here in the last minute of the first half, but it looks like they may give up a touchdown.
  • Somehow the defense held up on that third down play, holding the Chargers to a field goal try. I think they got Joe Haden offsides on that field goal attempt... oh wait, he's not active tonight. Chargers 17, Steelers 10 at the half.

3rd Quarter

  • Steelers give up 30 yards on third down and 13.
  • Eckler shreds the defense again, causing three missed tackles as he goes into the end zone.
  • The Chargers have had four possessions in the game and have gone touchdown, touchdown, field goal, touchdown. Chargers 24, Steelers 10.
  • This hodgepodge of an offensive line for the Steelers tonight is playing like absolute garbage when it comes to running the football.
  • Steelers go three and out and Big Press will have to come out for the first punt of the game.
  • The Chargers are continuing to move the ball at will on offense.
  • The defense is just getting crushed tonight.
  • With the aid of a holding penalty the defense is able to hold them to a field goal attempt. Joe Haden isn't in the game but they did flag Cam Sutton for being offsides. Chargers 27, Steelers 10.
  • Claypool makes a nice catch and run on third down for 28 yards. At least there are a few signs of life.
  • End of the third. Chargers 27, Steelers 10.

4th Quarter

  • Ben's third down pass gets batted down, bringing Boswell out for a field goal try. Chargers 27, Steelers 13.
  • Did the defense just hold to a three and out? Maybe I've fallen asleep and I'm dreaming.
  • Killebrew blocks the punt. It goes out of bounds around the 3-yard line and the Steelers will take over.
  • Two incomplete passes and a run for a loss of two yards and the Steelers are forced to go for it on fourth down and goal.
  • An interference call against Chase Claypool will give the Steelers first and goal from the one.
  • Najee punches it in for the touchdown. Chargers 27, Steelers 20.
  • On third down and five the defense lets the quarterback run for 35 yards.
  • Eckler goes in from 11 yards out on the very next play. The defense tonight has been absolutely awful. Chargers 34, Steelers 20.
  • And now Najee is down after taking a hit to the head.
  • Diontae with a catch and run for over 30 yards on third down and five. He's put up some decent numbers tonight.
  • Ebron with a touchdown catch. Chargers 34, Steelers 27.
  • Cam Heyward bats the ball up in the air and Cam Sutton intercepts and the Steelers are set up with the ball near the 10-yard line.
  • Muuuutttthhh!!!!! Touchdown Steelers. Steelers 34, Chargers 34. I have no idea how the Steelers got themselves back in this game so quickly.
  • Highsmith gets through for his second sack of the game.
  • The Chargers come up short on third down and go for it on 4th and inches. The defense stuffs it and the Steelers get the ball back in Chargers territory.
  • Steelers now faced with third down and three.
  • 3rd down pass is incomplete so Boswell will come on to try to give the Steelers their first leads since 3-0. Boswell is true and the Steelers now lead 37-34.
  • The problem is there is way too much time left and I don't know if the defense can stop the Chargers again.
  • And that didn't take long as the Steelers blew the coverage and allowed Mike Williams to score a touchdown. Three plays 75 yards for the Chargers. Chargers 41, Steelers 37.
  • First offensive play Ben gets sacked. Two minute warning.
  • And on second down and 18 Ben gets sacked again.
  • So after all the fight the Steelers had in them the defense did nothing at the end and the offense is doing nothing at the end.
  • After an incompletion the Steelers now face 4th and 29.
  • Steelers get a delay of game so now it will be 4th and even longer.
  • And they come out and throw a ball six yards that's not even completed.
  • The Chargers now take over with a first and goal with a 1:15 to play.
  • That's the ball game. Chargers 41, Steelers 37.

There you have it, my knee jerks. What were your thoughts? Be sure to get your opinions heard in the comment section below. Now time for me to process it, do some quick analyzing for the Scho Bro Show, and then put it behind me as the Steelers move on to Week 12 next week and a trip to Cincinnati to hang out with the Cryn Bangles Lady. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!