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Bears at Lions: Thanksgiving Day early game open thread

Turkey Bowl early edition.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Bears (3-7) at Lions (0-9-1)

Turkey Bowl, all of the youngins, and those not as young, but still give touch football a go now and again, are out playing right now, or getting back just in time for turkey day festivities to start. For all those who got injured remember, it’s ice on the outside, and beer on the inside.

It looks as if Andy Dalton is getting the start for the Bears. Carson Wentz is likely out so Tim Boyle, and his 77 yards passing against the Browns last week, is likely starting.

The good news is you won’t mind if you miss the first quarter making your Uncle look bad in the touch game, or if your Aunt shows up and really wants a hug during a 4th and 1. So go hug your Aunt, heck it’s Thanksgiving and having Detroit on in the background of all the other activities is part of the tradition. Just like hanging out with fellow Steelers fans in the game thread.