Pittsburgh Steelers 4-Round Mock Draft

Big Ben turns 40 this offseason and with his contract expiring, it seems almost poetic for this to be his last year which provides the question, who will the Steelers starting QB be in 2022. Currently Mason Rudolph is the only one under contract for after this year and in my opinion he has proven that he is not the answer. Maybe it’s Dwayne Haskins but if Tomlin thought he was better than Mason we would’ve seen him out there in the Lions game. The market for veteran QBs could be massive this offseason. Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson are both seemingly upset with their current situations and it’s unlikely that Deshaun Watson ever puts on a Houston Texans jersey again. Or do the Steelers go with the option that most fans want which is taking a QB in the draft. Now this craft class isn’t nearly as good as last year’s but there are some guys that I think can be franchise quarterbacks.

Pick 18: Desmond Ridder/QB/Cincinnati

Ridder wouldn’t be my first choice come draft time but in this mock Corral had already been taken. I strongly considered Carson Strong but he is more of a pocket passer and with the way the game is moving I think it would be best to start fresh with a more mobile and athletic guy. Ridder is a great runner with a talented arm and has great pocket presence, which is very important to have as a rookie in the NFL. However he does need to work on his timing on the throws outside the numbers when the ball has to come out quick. Ridder will have plenty of weapons surrounding him with Chase, Diontae, Freiermuth and Najee. Plus his ability as a runner adds a whole new element to this offense that we haven’t had in awhile. If we can fix up the offensive line we could have one of the best offenses in the league, and Ridder will have a lot to do with that.

Pick 50: Trevor Penning/OT/Northern Iowa

Penning has been gaining some hype recently and for good reason. He’is a big guy with a ton of power. He consistently moves guys in the run game and he is an elite pass protector. His ability to get up to the second level and pick up linebackers is impressive. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Penning sneak into the first round and he’s definitely deserving of it but it wouldn’t be impossible for him to fall towards the back of the second round. Okorafor has had his chance and in my opinion hasn’t shown that he can be a long term fix at either tackle spot. If Penning can move over to left tackle it would be a huge upgrade, but if he cant and Moore is forced to slide over I think it would still be better than having Okorafor out there.

Pick 82: Emil Ekiyor/OG/Alabama

The first thing that really pops out when you watch Ekiyor play is just how powerful he is. He’s got a wide frame and is built like a brick wall. You simply cannot just power through this guy. Ekiyor also has quick hands and good grip strength that bodes well for him as a run blocker when he has to lash out and attack the defensive lineman. However he isn’t a great athlete and you don’t really see him pulling a lot, something that doesn’t fit what the Steelers like to do. Overall Ekiyor is another big, strong offensive lineman that can help turn around this offense and more specifically, the run game.

Pick 97: Josh Jobe/CB/Alabama

Jobe is an extremely physical and athletic corner with a lot of experience that will likely succeed right away at the next level. He’s also a smart player that is good at recognizing what a receiver is about to do and he has very good press technique. Being physical is good but Jobe draws a lot of penalties and needs to be more disciplined. He’s also 24 but the Steelers have not been the best at drafting and developing cornerbacks, so the extra experience will hopefully do him good. Joe Haden turns 33 in April and even if we do resign him his age is going to start catching up to him fast. I’m a huge Cam Sutton fan but I’m not very fond of the idea of our cornerback room being Sutton, Layne and Pierre.

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