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Cam Heyward not fined for unsportsmanlike penalty in Week 11

It was earlier reported Heyward was not going to be considered for suspension, and ultimately did not even receive a fine.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers have moved on from their Week 11 matchup with the Chargers in Los Angeles last Sunday night. While all eyes are on Sunday’s AFC North road game against the Cincinnati Bengals, there was still one thing remaining to be determined by the NFL office.

During the game Sunday night on a play in which Cam Heyward hustled 40 yards downfield to tackle Chargers’ quarterback Justin Herbert, he was flagged for a unsportsmanlike penalty for an altercation after the play. While some felt there could even possibly be a suspension coming, it was reported early in the week that there was no consideration for suspension underway. Instead, the play would be considered for a fine.

Now, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Heyward was not issued a fine for the play on Sunday night.

While I’m sure there are plenty of Chargers’ fans upset about the situation, perhaps the league office felt that the situation was handled enough via the penalty.

As for what Cam Heyward had to say about the situation, he summed it up in this manner after the game:

“I was trying to get up and I couldn’t get up and fell back on him,” Heyward said. “It was terrible. There was nothing malicious behind it. I wasn’t trying to punch him. I know it looks worse in slow motion. I’m sorry if I did anything to upset anybody. I wish I had said more to Justin after, but there was nothing behind it.”

What many Steelers fans were curious about is if the league would issue fines on two blatant personal foul penalties against the Chargers which were not even given flags in the game. The first came on a helmet-to-helmet hit against Cam Sutton after his interception. The other was a hit to the facemask against Najee Harris which made him miss a key Steelers possession as he was being evaluated for a concussion. Ultimately clearing the concussion tests, Harris did return to the game for the final drive.

At this time, there have been no reports that any fines were issued for either hit by the Chargers on Sunday night.

UPDATE: ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler has reported the hit against Najee Harris will not receive a fine.

While the Chargers at least benefited from the penalty called on the play, one in which the overwhelming majority of Steelers fans could see why it was called, the silence on the two plays against the Chargers which were not called yet were quite obvious is what too many Steelers fans have grown to expect.

Regardless of the situation from Sunday night, it is best for the Steelers to move on as they prepare to take on the Bengals in Cincinnati Sunday afternoon at 1 PM.