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Browns at Ravens, Week 12: Sunday Night Football Open Thread

After party thread.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens Leah Stauffer-USA TODAY Sports

Browns (6-5) at Ravens (7-3)

The Browns have the #7 offense and #10 defense which looks better than the #5 offense and #21 defense the Ravens have. The Ravens do have the market cornered on rabbits feet, horse shoes, and four leaf clovers. And Justin Tucker.

Lamar Jackson should be back from an illness that caused him to miss last weeks game. The also Ravens have a top 5 run defense, which is probably enough to give them the edge in this one. Maybe Myles Garret will put together a performance that we should expect from someone who appears to be preordained to win DPOY.

At this writing, I’m not sure who we should be pulling for. I don’t suppose NASA actually sent DART up to chip off a piece of that meteor…………..probably not.

Join your fellow Steelers fans for the comment thread.