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Seahawks at Washington, Week 12: Monday Night Football Open Thread

Really no stress addition.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Washington Football Team Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks (3-7) at Football Team (4-6)

Looking at the stats tells me Seattle shouldn’t win this game. They are #31 in offense vs WFT’s #26, and #21 in defense to WFT #8. Lots of that #31 in offense has come from, not a very good OL and some skill players being hurt, most notably Wilson. If Wilson is back, this will be a better game than it looks on paper. If not, the Seahawks are likely cooked, and will be picking in the top 5 next spring.

Washington started the season losing and winning the ones they should. Recently they seem to turn that around, beating the Buccaneers and Panthers in consecutive weeks. It’s a good opportunity to see how much missing Chase Young will affect them. If they have turned a corner, even the return of Wilson might just not be enough.

Last chance to hang out with in a fellow Steelers fans open comment section of this NFL week.