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Saturday Night Steelers Open Thread: A tipsy “Turn out the lights...”

Spend some of your Saturday night with your fellow Pittsburgh Steelers fans as we discuss Steelers football, and a lot more.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Nice fall day here in canuck land. Excitement is the order of the day as my son passed his driver’s test yesterday and he is now in full fledged automobile shopping mode. Well, truth be told he has been looking daily since COVID struck. However, now he can actually pull the trigger.

Our Pittsburgh Steelers have seemed to pass the beginners stage of this season and are beginning to look like they actually have a plan. The offense is playing with purpose and if the defense can continue to get healthy bodies back we might be onto something.

  1. With the improvements specifically on offense starting to show, what other ‘improvements’ would you like to see on either side of the ball?
  2. What are your thoughts on Monday night games? Best for TV? Too late of a start time for that 6am punch in at work? Peyton and Eli are a neat twist? I miss Howard and Dandy Don... Open to any and all thoughts.
  3. Chicago has been turning the ball over a fair amount lately. Is this the game where Minkah gets a pick 6? Does T.J. get another strip sack? Does, gasp, Edmunds or Norwood get a pick?
  4. While the hit on Boswell would best be described as getting blown up, he seems to have bounced back quickly from his concussion. Have you had a concussion? Multiple? Tell us your ‘best’ concussion story.
  5. So with hunt for a ‘first’ car (well hopefully a truck) in full bloom, share with the audience your first car story.