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2021 NFL Distribution Map: Check out what games you’ll see in Week 9 waiting for the Steelers on Monday night

The Pittsburgh Steelers don’t play until Monday night, so here are what games you’ll get to see on Sunday in Week 9.

If you were like me, before I decided to sign up for the DirecTV Sunday Ticket package every week I was wondering whether I’d be able to watch my beloved Steelers in the comfort of my own home, or if I’d have to go elsewhere to watch the game.

Before there were websites devoted to this, it meant a lengthy trip on the television guide screen to see which game was scheduled to air, but now it’s just a click away.

So, it is worth taking a look at what games you will get to see before the Steelers and Bears go head-to-head on Monday Night Football in Week 9. Check out which games you’ll see in your local viewing area.

For those who want to know which game they’ll see, check the map below, courtesy of 506 Sports:

Week 9 CBS Early

RED: Browns at Bengals
BLUE: Chargers at Eagles (LATE)
GREEN: Raiders at Giants
YELLOW: Patriots at Panthers
ORANGE: Bills at Jaguars

Week 9 FOX Early

RED: Broncos at Cowboys
BLUE: Vikings at Ravens
GREEN: Falcons at Saints
YELLOW: Texans at Dolphins

Week 9 FOX Late

RED: Packers at Chiefs
BLUE: Cardinals at 49ers

So, will you get to see a great game, or are you in an area with a huge dumpster fire of a game? Let us know what game you’ll see in the comments below, and enjoy game day while waiting for Monday Night Football.