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NFL Week 9: Late Sunday games open thread

The Steelers don’t play until Monday night, so if you are watching football, join us in the open thread!

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers don’t play until Monday Night Football vs. the Chicago Bears in Week 9, so spend the NFL Sunday with fellow black and gold fans! Take a look at the late slate of games:

Chargers (4-3) at Eagles (3-5)

A few weeks ago the Chargers looked like part of the cream of the league, but have had a rough go as of late. The Eagles looked pretty good very early, but have fallen back to earth since. I’m guessing the Chargers are the ones to revert back to the top.

Green Bay (7-1) at Chiefs (4-4)

Could be the beginning of the Jordan Love era in Green Bay. Rodgers has violated enough protocols to be suspended into next season. Unfortunately Rodger Goodell’s rule book has some giant cutouts for certain players and teams, so I don’t expect him to risk sinking a SB favorites season, but we’ll see. Love has a shot at winning his first start, due to the complete breakdown of KC. I know losing a SB doesn’t generally bode well for a team the following year, but KC is going a bit far to prove the rule.

Cardinals (7-1) at 49ers (3-4)

I hurried home for the Thursday night game to watch AZ vs GB a week plus ago only to be disappointed with the Cardinals. Kyler Murphy’s ankle injury really takes away what makes them tick on offense and it’s still not better. Does Jimmy G’s return help SF more than Kyler’s ankle hurts AZ will be determined this afternoon.

Let’s sit back and enjoy some late games and conversation with fellow Steelers fans.