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Titans at Rams, Week 9: Sunday Night Football Open Thread

Time to take in the Sunday Night Football game in Week 9 between the Titans and Rams.

Wild Card Round - Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Titans (6-2) at Rams (7-1)

One week ago this game looked to be a great matchup. Then we got the news about Derrick Henry’s foot and the Rams trading for Von Miller. I think the Miller addition, even listed as questionable, outweighs the picking up of Adrian Peterson by the Titans.

Surprisingly the Rams defense is only ranked 22 and their offense 4th. The Titans defense is ranked at 23 and their offense 8th, but that was with Henry being pretty much unstoppable.

A quick check of the injury report this morning and Henry isn’t alone, the Titans look to be in as bad of shape as the Browns last Sunday. That’s fortunate for the Rams who really have had a favorable schedule all season. It looks like that continues tonight.

Join your fellow Steelers fans for the after party comment thread.