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Steelers vs. Bears, Week 9: Predicting the winner of Steelers vs. Bears

The staff at BTSC share their thoughts and predict the outcome of the Steelers game against the Chicago Bears in Week 9.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The 2021 regular season is upon us, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are preparing for the Chicago Bears in Week 9. While the Steelers get ready for their latest home game of the season, it is time for the BTSC staff to put on their prognostication hats and guess the winner of the contest.

Who will get closest? We will be keeping tabs, so let’s get the picks. Check out the staff picks below, and even a pick from an enemy guest!

Jeff Hartman

Is this a let down game for the Steelers? After a big road win over the Cleveland Browns in Week 8 you could certainly make the case for the Steelers to stumble here. However, with the team playing on Monday Night Football and wearing their Color Rush uniforms, I don’t see it happening. Expect Najee Harris to show up, and show out, on the national stage. I like the Steelers to hold serve at home, and extend that winning streak to four games heading into Week 10.

Pick: Steelers 27, Bears 13

Dave Schofield

What I’m predicting this week is what I ultimately really want to see. I want to see the Steelers defense dominate and keep the Bears to single digits. They may get a late touchdown but feel the need to go for two since they are so far out of it. Also, I want to see the Steelers have the lead and continue to just run the ball constantly. I’m thinking Najee Harris having 165 yards and two touchdowns sounds really nice. Since I want it so bad this week, I’m just going to predict it to happen.

Pick: Steelers 27, Bears 9

Bryan Anthony Davis

With what’s been going on in the NFL with the home teams only 65-70 on the season and a plethora of upsets, this is an important game for the Steelers. The Men of Steel can state their claim as a legitimate contender and Najee Harris could have a signature showcase game on a national stage. If the Steelers come out of the locker room swinging, they can have a dominant win. I think they do.

Pick: Steelers 30, Bears 9

Michael Beck

The Steelers have been rolling as of late, and the Bears not so much. The injuries, poor coaching, and a rookie quarterback make the Bears rope for the picking. I think this week sees the Steelers handle the game wire to wire without much cause for worry I between. The Steelers win another in the Color Rush uniforms

Pick: Steelers 24, Bears 13

K.T. Smith

The Steelers have played their best football of the season the past few weeks while the Bears are in the middle of a three-game losing streak. Ordinarily, that would serve as a cautionary tale to a Steelers team prone to the occasional bad loss. This year’s team is different though. They are too young to be complacent and not good enough to overlook anyone. Those factors will help them get it done on Monday night.

Pick: Steelers 26, Bears 17

Geoffrey Benedict

The Steelers and Ravens are the top two teams in the AFC North again, and the Steelers aren’t ready to give up on winning the division in Ben Roethlisberger’s last run. The Bears are overmatched and despite a bit of a letdown game, the Steelers pull it out to give head coach Mike Tomlin his first win against the Bears.

Pick: Steelers 19, Bears 16

Rich Schofield (Big Bro Scho)

Home game, Monday night, and color rush jerseys makes it an easy Steelers win right? Not so fast, when do the Steelers make anything easy over the past few years. I think this game will be really tight at the half, but the Steelers tighten up in the 2nd half (especially the defense) and the Steelers win it it comfortable enough fashion

Pick: Steelers 24, Bears 13

Shannon White

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won their last 19 Monday Night Football home games dating back to their last loss in 1991. They are 5-1 while wearing their Color Rush uniforms, with their only loss coming at the hands of the Buffalo Bills on a 2019 Sunday night affair with Ben Roethlisberger standing on the Heinz Field sidelines in street clothes, and a Duck at the helm of the Steelers inefficient offense. All streaks and probabilities would seem to suggest a Steelers victory, but nothing has came easy for this year's squad. The Steelers are a young team that continues to show steady improvement by the week. Without Khalil Mack on defense, plus rookie QB Justin Fields operating behind a porous Oline, I expect both team's recent trends to continue.

Pick: Steelers 27 Bears 13

Andrew Wilbar

For the couple of you who go to the comment section and call me out for my negative predictions without reading my explanation each week, I hope you are beginning to realize that I have found a way to guarantee a Steelers win. Maybe someone that is reading this will show gratitude to me for the Steelers' past two wins, as I am officially 0-7 predicting Steelers games. But I digress. The play of the offensive line will be the key once again, but the defense cannot lose contain on Justin Fields. If they do, it will be a long evening. That said, I like the outlook of this game overall, and I expect another huge game from Najee Harris. Sadly for me, I will be watching the game with a bunch of Bears fans, but it is comforting to know that Steelers will come out victorious.

Pick: Bears 24, Steelers 19

Matty Peverell

The Steelers will be sticking to the color rush theme on Monday night, as they rush past the Bears to add serious color to their 3-game win streak. I keep predicting the Steelers’ defense to score some points and I think it finally happens, also it’s Fitzmagic time for Minkah...look out for him to create two turnovers, one of which is an INT. The Steelers click into the next gear with another week and move to 5-3.

Pick: Steelers 33, Bears 13

Mark Davison

Are you ready for some football? The Pittsburgh Steelers are wearing their color rush uniforms at Heinz field on Monday Night Football. I’m beyond excited for this game VS the Chicago Bears and no doubt the Steelers will be also. Look for Offense to click and put up a lot of points and the Defense to have at least Two takeaways. I have the Pittsburgh Steelers moving to 5-3 and sending a message to the NFL. The Steelers started out rocky however they are putting work In and their playing a physical brand of football.

Pick: Steelers 34, Bears 9

Anthony Defeo

Khalil Mack is out for the Bears. Justin Fields is a struggling rookie quarterback. The Steelers have won three in a row. The Bears have lost three in a row. The game will be on Monday Night Football, at Heinz Field, in front of an oiled-up crowd. The Steelers' offense is starting to show some signs of being more than simply adequate. Their defense is a turnover or two away from being truly elite. Takeaways could come in bunches on Monday. I like Pittsburgh in a fairly-easy win.

Pick: Steelers 24, Bears 6

Patti Curl (Windy City Gridiron Contributor)

The Bears offense showed a bit of promise last week against the 49ers. I’m choosing to hope they can build on that and put up their best offensive performance of the season this week: So they will score 25 points. I’ll say if Khalil Mack plays, the defense holds the Steelers to 24 and the Bears pull off an upset. If Mack doesn’t play, the Steelers score 52, Mack’s number, to appropriately honor his absence.

Pick: Bears 25, Steelers 24

What is your prediction? Let us know in the comment section below, and feel free to tell the contributors above why they are dead wrong, or spot on!