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An impact Bears player who no one is talking about vs. the Steelers in Week 9

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears square off in Week 9, and this player is slated to play a big role in the outcome.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears go head-to-head on Monday Night Football in Week 9, and the battle of these AFC and NFC North teams certainly has a lot of headlines swirling around it.

Will the Steelers’ be able to duplicate the offensive success they experienced during their three-game winning streak?

Can T.J. Watt and Cam Heyward continue to carry the defense?

Are the Bears going to be able to make enough plays, primarily through the air, to upset the Steelers in prime time?

Among those story lines are players who aren’t talked about often, but can certainly play a role in the outcome of the game. This week I was fortunate enough to ask Windy City Gridiron contributor Patti Curl several questions leading up to the big game Monday.

One of those questions was if he could give me a player who isn’t being talked about, but could play a big role in who wins and loses the game. He didn’t disappoint and gave a player Steelers fans should become acquainted with heading into Week 9. Here is what he had to say:

Marquise Goodwin is a speedy veteran who hasn’t had a moment to connect yet with Justin Fields on a deep pass, but the potential is certainly there. If the Bears can scheme up enough time for Fields, he has the best deep ball accuracy of any quarterback we’ve had since at least Jay Cutler. Unfortunately, the pattern of Fields getting pressured in the first 1.5 seconds has limited the opportunities to see it on the field. Still, if a few things line up, the potential is there for a game-changing play between these two.

The Bears are not a passing team, but you have to expect at some point the Chicago coaching staff will try to make a defense pay by having Justin Fields throw the ball, rather than lean on their running attack. If it is this week, it will be up to the Steelers’ pass rush to get to Fields and not allow him the time to make any deep completions, especially to Goodwin.

Nonetheless, the Steelers’ defense should have their work cut out for them at Heinz Field on Monday night as they hope to shut down the Bears’ ground game and force Fields to beat them with his arm.

This will certainly be a matchup to watch as the Steelers hope to stretch their winning streak from three to four games, and get some mojo back heading into their Week 10.

Be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the upcoming game between the Steelers and Bears this Monday.