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5 things I’ve done while watching the Steelers in 2021

Have you taken in every second of Steelers action with great intensity in 2021? I haven’t.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Judging by the title, you probably think I’m going to talk about five activities that I do during Steelers games in the name of superstition.

No, I’m not talking about twirling the Terrible Towel or only watching the Steelers games in a particular room.

Maybe you think I’m some nut who likes to throw things or punch my flat-screen television after a bad call.

No, I might be passionate about the Steelers, but I might be more passionate about scripted television (unlike the Steelers, Cobra Kai and Burn Notice never let me down), and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let some football team control my life to the point of destroying my own property.

Anyway, this has been an unusual year for me with regards to watching the Pittsburgh Steelers. As I’ve said a few times already, the passion for my favorite football team just hasn’t been on point in 2021.

I’ve done very little jumping and screaming. I guess you can say my priorities are different because these Steelers are different.

But I have done various things that I normally wouldn’t do during games. I shall name them below.

  1. Sleep. That’s right, I’ve just flat-out fallen asleep during several games in 2021, mainly the primetime affairs, including the epic comeback against the Chargers that fell just short at the end. Heck, I’ve even fallen asleep during a couple of the 1 p.m. games. I can’t ever remember doing that, but it is what it is.
  2. Folded laundry. Oh yeah, I can think of three separate occasions where the laundry just had to get done, and there I was, sitting on my recliner, folding laundry while watching all of those rich athletes run around in black-and-gold laundry.
  3. Won a bowling title. Yes, sir, back in November, during the Steelers infamous tie with those winless (at the time) Lions, I was at Arsenal Lanes in Lawrenceville performing clutch duties in the name of championship success. To be fair, my teammates (much better bowlers) did most of the heavy lifting. As for me, I just hit my average, which is all a role player has to do on a superstar-ladened team.
  4. Talked to pretty girls. Speaking of bowling, there are always lots of pretty girls there. I like talking to pretty girls, and I noticed that during both the Lions game and last Thursday’s Vikings game that talking to pretty girls was much more appealing than watching the defense get shredded and the offense get stymied...time and time again.
  5. Study my new employee handbook. Yep, that’s what I was doing at the beginning of that intense Steelers/Ravens game back on December 5.

There you have it, five things I’ve done in 2021 while (or beside) watching the Steelers. It’s certainly been an unusual campaign for yours truly in the emotions department. Hopefully, that will change sooner rather than later.