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Tuesday Night Football, Week 15: Two NFC games Open Thread

Extra credit all NFC no stress edition.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks (5-8) at Rams (9-4)

The Rams played the game of their season last weekend against the Cardinals. The Seahawks aren’t anywhere as good as the Cardinals, unless the Rams are looking past this game this one should be over early.

Football Team (6-7) at Eagles (6-7)

Two of the five (6-7) teams fighting for realistically two playoff spots in the NFC. Of course you could lump one (7-6), two (5-8), and two (4-9), teams in that pile and you end up with ten teams competing for two spots. Are any of them going to make some noise in the playoffs, nope. But their fans don’t care, as long as there’s a chance, they want wins. Well maybe not all their fans.

Take a break from prepping for the Holidays and kick back and enjoy some bonus football in the comment section with some fellow Steelers faithful.