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The Steelers didn’t seem too bothered by the Titans standing on their logo

The Steelers may have defeated the Titans on Sunday, but if they were miffed that Tennessee’s players stood on their midfield logo before the game, they had a weird way of showing it.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Pittsburgh Steelers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If I was NFL commissioner, my first act would be to ban logos on NFL fields and in NFL locker rooms.

Why? Because it would prevent opposing teams from either standing or dancing on them, and that would give us one less thing to talk about when it comes to why someone either won or lost a game.

The Titans gathered on the Steelers midfield logo before Sunday afternoon’s matchup between the two squads at Heinz Field. As you probably know by now, especially if you’re into pointless things to care about, this goes against the code, and it violates an unwritten rule. What code? I’m not sure. As for the unwritten rule, I can’t cite anything since, you know, it's not written down. Anyway, as JuJu Smith-Schuster “found out” last year, this kind of thing is a big no-no and will motivate an opposing team to no end.

That’s right, Tennessee simply didn’t stand a chance after this disrespectful act and could only muster a 13-3 lead heading into halftime of Sunday’s game on the way to a 19-13 loss. The Steelers clearly were motivated by the logo gathering, but it just took them a little while to respond. In fact, the Steelers’ offense seemed to show such reverence for its own logo, it went to great lengths to not cross the 50-yard line for most of the game.

The Titans brought this beat-down on themselves, which was why they only possessed the football for twice as long as Pittsburgh and only outgained the Steelers 318-168 in the yardage department.

I’m being a smarty-pants, of course, but I’m doing so in the hopes that people will stop looking to be offended by the most ridiculous things. It’s a tall order, I know, but I remain optimistic.

Now, if you want to talk about the Titans cursing themselves with their pre-game act, well, that might sell. After all, it takes a rather strong curse to outplay a team the way they did the Steelers on Sunday and still lose. There is precedent with the whole Terrible Towel thing from 2008, an act apparently considered to be so unsavory by the football gods, they made the top-seeded Titans lose in the playoffs to Joe Flacco of all people.

That’s the kind of story I might be able to buy into, but don’t try to convince me that the Steelers willed themselves to victory in the name of vengeance.

If Sunday’s performance is how these Steelers act when they’re so gosh darn fired up, they’re even weaker than I thought.