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Browns at Packers, Week 16: Christmas Day Open Thread

Christmas football edition.

Browns v Packers X fan

Browns (7-6) at Packers (11-3)

The Browns are on a very short week, and will bedown critical players at game time. I’d list them but I’d risk carpel tunnel in doing so. Just think of a Browns player, if you know the name their probably on that list.

Next up: at Steelers, Bengals.

The Packers were close to full strength last I checked, though they don’t appear to be completely honest about that sort of thing.

Next up: Vikings, at Lions.

Being in first place in the NFC and with this schedule the Packers are clearly the favorites to be the NFC champion.

Nothing better than opening presents with the game on in the background and exchanging comments with some fellow Steelers fans.