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Steelers vs. Chiefs, Week 16: Predicting the winner of Steelers vs. Chiefs

The staff at BTSC share their thoughts and predict the outcome of the Steelers game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 16.

NFL: NOV 07 Packers at Chiefs Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2021 regular season is coming to its conclusion, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are preparing for the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 16. While the Steelers get ready for their latest road game of the season, it is time for the BTSC staff to put on their prognostication hats and guess the winner of the contest.

Who will get closest? We will be keeping tabs, so let’s get the picks. Check out the staff picks below, and even a pick from an enemy guest!

Jeff Hartman

This is a game which can go right, or really wrong. I’m making this prediction based on Chiefs key players not being available in Week 16. With their weakened lineup, I feel it leaves the door open for the Steelers to do the unthinkable. It won’t be pretty, but key takeaways by the defense and another second half comeback will be capped off with a game-winning kick by Christopher Lynn Boswell, the same place where his leg single-handedly beat the Chiefs in the AFC Divisional round years ago.

Pick: Steelers 24, Chiefs 23

Dave Schofield

The “better” team doesn’t always win the game in NFL. Even if one team is supposed to handle the other one easily, things don’t always work out that way. Can the Steelers go into Kansas City and take care of the Chiefs? Yes, they could. Is it likely? No, it isn’t. Will they do it? That’s why we need to tune in at 4:25 PM on Sunday. Given the fact the Chiefs have an extra three days to prepare for this one, I think they still squeak out a win but the Steelers cover the spread. They’ll have to score plenty of points if they want to keep it close.

Pick: Chiefs 31, Steelers 27

Bryan Anthony Davis

I just have that feeling. The Steelers go to Kansas City and shock the world.

Pick: Steelers 30, Chiefs 28

Michael Beck

I had to go back and completely change my prediction for this game. With the news of Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce making it back into the lineup combined with the Steelers not having an available punter I think this will end up being a very ugly game. Like put the kids to bed early and turn off the TV. I don't have a good feeling about this one and I foresee another blowout loss for the Steelers.

Pick: Chiefs 45, Steelers 13

K.T. Smith

I’ve been picking the Steelers to win fairly consistently lately, mostly out of a philosophy that I might as well go with the good guys unless I have a pretty strong sense they’ll lose. Well, this week I have a pretty strong sense they’ll lose. Not in a blowout, mind you. The Steelers have more wins at Arrowhead Stadium than any team outside of Kansas City’s division. That tells you they’re built to play in hostile environments against quality teams (Gillette Stadium in the Brady-Belichick era excluded). With the playoffs hanging in the balance, and with a COVID outbreak threatening to disrupt KC’s active roster, I think the Steelers will hang tough. The Chiefs are rolling, though, and with a chance to solidify their hold on the No. 1 seed and the all-important bye in the AFC, I suspect they’ll play well enough to win.

Pick: Chiefs 31, Steelers 20

Geoffrey Benedict

The Steelers got a couple of key pieces back, and showed it in a nice win over the Titans, but the Chiefs have their own winning correlations, with Chris Jones at DT they are a top defense, and with Travis Kelce playing they are a top offense. The Steelers aren’t going to have enough to run with the Chiefs, especially with Devin Bush likely to be out.

Pick: Chiefs 28, Steelers 15

Rich Schofield (Big Bro Scho)

Yes, we still don't know who the Chef's could be missing on Sunday, and could be missing some serious weapons. Yes, the Steelers should be playing in desperation mode as they fight for their playoff lives. Yes, the Steelers play well as underdogs and tend to play well in Kansas City. No, the Steelers do not win this game.

Pick: Chiefs 31, Steelers 21

Shannon White

When I saw this game on the schedule prior to the regular season, I chalked it up as a loss. Then the Chiefs struggled surprisingly to start the season, and I thought the Steelers just might have a chance. Now the Chiefs are looking stronger by the week on both sides of the ball. I keep envisioning the Chiefs talented group of pass catchers running unencumbered through the Steelers secondary that lacks the requisite speed and aggression to keep up. The Steelers offense hasn't shown the ability to win the time of possession necessary to keep Mahomes and company off the field. A young team in a loud and hostile environment, not a good matchup. I hope I'm wrong, but....

Pick: Chiefs 38, Steelers 24

Andrew Wilbar

At this point, I do not think anyone knows what to expect from this team each week. The addition of Joe Haden seemed to help the Steelers’ defense last week, but this is a totally different animal in Kansas City. In my opinion, pressuring Mahomes is actually not the key to this game. The Steelers need to be able to mix coverages up in the secondary and be able to play man coverage from time to time. Whether it is Devin Bush, Terrell Edmunds, or someone else covering Travis Kelce, the Steelers had better have an answer for the standout tight end, or else it will be a long afternoon. I will be an optimist and trust that the Steelers play with a sense of urgency, but I am not confident making any prediction related to the 2021 Steelers. Let’s hope that we all get a belated Christmas present.

Pick: Steelers 21, Chiefs 20

Matty Peverell

It’s a classic case of head versus heart this week, head saying Kansas City and heart sayin’ Stillers. Well what will it be, and who am I feeling will be victorious? It’s the Steelers and my heart that wins over this Christmas Day! But more than anything I just hope they play well and carry momentum into their next game, even if they can’t get the win. Can’t believe I’m not picking KC.

Pick: Steelers 27, Chiefs 25

Mark Davison

The Kansas City Chiefs are rolling On A Seven game win streak. However the Chiefs will be facing some adversity with some players on the NFL COVID list. Three games left to be played In the 2021 season and I can’t spot A true AFC Super Bowl contender. The Tennessee Titans fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz field. While last week in Week 15 the Patriots also had their winning streak stopped by the Indianapolis Colts. With Three games to go in the NFL who will become the dominant team In the AFC? Will the Chiefs run over the Steelers or Will the Steelers play steel football and add more confusion to the mix.

I believe the Steelers play tough and sneak away with victory.

Pick: Steelers 27, Chiefs 24

Anthony Defeo

There's no logical reason why this Steelers team, one that actually has no business even being 7-6-1, should go into Arrowhead Stadium and knock off the juggernaut Chiefs. So with that in mind....

Pick: Steelers 24, Chiefs 21

Tom Childs (Arrowhead Pride Contributor)

I trust Mahomes and Reid to cope well enough without Kelce and Hill, but this one falls on the Chiefs’ defense. I know the Steelers offense has shown signs of life recently, but the Chiefs defense (when healthy) has been outstanding recently, especially against bad offenses. With that in mind, I think we are going to see a relatively low scoring game, with the Chiefs doing just about enough.

Pick: Chiefs 17 Steelers 13

What is your prediction? Let us know in the comment section below, and feel free to tell the contributors above why they are dead wrong, or spot on!