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Week 16 NFL Early Games: News, updates and Open Thread

Boxing Day edition.

Syndication: The Enquirer Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

Giants (4-10) at Eagles (7-7)

The Eagles are among eight teams fighting for realistically two playoff spots, and a win here moves them equal with the 49ers at #6.

Next up: at WFT, Cowboys

The Giants currently hold the fifth pick in the draft.

Next up: at Bears, WFT

Rams (10-4) at Vikings (7-7)

The Rams are nipping at the heals of the Cardinals for first place in the NFCW

Next up: at Ravens, 49ers

The Vikings are in that same pack with the Eagles.

Next up: at Packers, Bears

Buffalo (8-6) at Patriots* (9-5)

Buffalo would love to avenge the loss at home in a game that the Patriots* threw the ball 3 times due to high winds. They could pull even at the same time, though they’ll still be behind in conference wins, but have a favorable upcoming schedule.

Next up: Falcons, Jets

The Patriots* need to stay in contact with the Chiefs for the top spot in the AFC, and would leap frog the Titans with a victory here.

Unfortunately for the Bills, the Patriots* schedule looks like this.

Next up: Jaguars, Dolphins

Buccaneers (10-4) at Panthers (5-9)

The Buccaneers can only win and hope for a loss from the Packers to have a shot at the NFC crown. The win part looks easy.

Next up: at Jets, Panthers

The Panthers are part of the mob the Eagles are in, but at second to last place in that bunch, with another game against the Buccaneers, maybe they should be protecting the eight pick in the draft.

Next up: at Saints, at Buccaneers

Jaguars (2-12) at Jets (3-11)

I had these records backwards, not sure anyone would have noticed.

This is truly a battle for the top pick next spring, the Jaguars own it, but would jump to #3 if they somehow come out victorious here.

Next up: at Patriots*, Colts

Last opportunity for a victory for the Jets here, though they’d move from the #3 pick possibly up to #6, by doing so.

Next up: Buccaneers, at Bills

Lions (2-11-1) at Falcons (6-8)

The Lions have a chance at all three of these, they’ve played tough all season, but haven’t gotten many breaks, and the Packers probably will have packed it in by week 18.

Next up: at Seahawks, Packers

The Falcons are right in the middle of the same group as the Eagles.

Next up: at Bills, Saints

Chargers (8-6) at Texans (3-11)

There’s five 8 win teams and seven 7 win teams playing for four spots though some of the 8 win teams have a shot at the #1 spot still, ok some 7’s do too.

Next up: Broncos, at Raiders

Protecting a top four draft pick shouldn’t be difficult.

Next up: at 49ers, Titans

Ravens (8-6) at Bengals (8-6)

Two of the ten 8 & 7 win teams here fighting for first place in the AFCN

Next up: Rams, Steelers

Similar schedule to the Ravens makes this a tight race.

Next up: Chiefs, at Browns

Let’s sit back and enjoy some early games and conversation with fellow Steelers fans.