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Steelers vs. Chiefs, Week 16: Knee Jerk Reactions to the Steelers 36-10 loss to the Chiefs

The Steelers were out of striking distance very early and never made it close.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Knee-jerk Reactions are immediate responses to a situation without taking the time to analyze the situation. That’s something as sports fans that we typically do. Especially if you are a full blood Yinzer, or even just a part Yinzer, who am I fooling it’s more like if you are a Steeler fan in general. As is the custom, I compile my knee-jerk thoughts and publish them immediately after each Steelers game (my son Kyle might have a few things to say as well). It’s my version of running my mouth first and apologizing later. So with that being said, I’m going to employ that philosophy here during Week 16 of the 2021 NFL Season. Let’s get this going, HERE......WE......GO!!!

1st Quarter

  • Steelers to receive the opening kickoff.
  • Najee loses two yards on first down.
  • Diontae is amazing.
  • Ben sacked on third and 10. Steelers to punt.
  • Two runs put the Chiefs in third and seven, but they then complete 10+ yard passes on back-to-back plays.
  • The defense is giving up passing yards way too easily, and that's without Kelce on the field.
  • Witherspoon with the interception, but Cam Hayward had jumped offsides.
  • Kansas City converts a fourth and one inside the five yard line. They haven't scored a touchdown yet but I anticipate they will end this drive with a touchdown.
  • On second and goal two Steelers hit the running back two yards deep in the backfield but neither of them wrap up and he bounces off and scores. Kansas City 7, Steelers 0.
  • Flea flicker on the first play for the Steelers and Ben over throws Ray-Ray for an interception. If the Chiefs score a TD on this possession you can probably stick a fork in this game already.
  • Looked like a blown coverage on that play by the Steelers.
  • You know a lot of Pittsburgh fans like to get all over Matt Canada, but Keith Butler and his defenses are the ones that are driving me crazy this year.
  • Mahomes held it forever and finally found a guy open in the end zone. This game is over before the first period ends. Kansas City 14, Steelers 0.

2nd Quarter

  • Steelers pick up one first down but have to punt again.
  • I’m noticing the Steelers defense, even when they blitz are telegraphing the blitzes, which allows teams to make adjustments and pick them up most of the time.
  • The defense continues to get shredded.
  • Chiefs add a field goal. Kansas City 17, Steelers 0.
  • Najee finally busts out for a good run.
  • On second and five the Steelers run a cute little play that’s a pass out to Ray-Ray for a loss of four.
  • Claypool makes a nice catch to gain a first down. And then another.
  • Third and 10 and the Steelers managed to gain 0 yards on a completion. Boswell misses a field goal due to the wind. Score still Chiefs 17, Steelers 0.
  • The defense continues to get gashed. I have a lot better things I could be doing this evening than watching this debacle.
  • Steelers give up another touchdown. Kansas City 23, Steelers 0. Please someone make this suffering end.
  • Third and four and the Steelers throw short of the sticks and can’t pick it up. Looks like the Steelers might go for it here.
  • And on 4th and 1 the Steelers run a toss sweep and lose 4 yards. This is absolutely pathetic.
  • Two Steelers hit the running back in the backfield but allow him to pick up the first down.
  • Finally the Steelers defense held to a field goal attempt in the field goal was missed.
  • The misery of this first half finally comes to an end. Chiefs 23, Steelers 0.

3rd Quarter

  • Chiefs get the ball to start the second half. That really just gives this a chance to get even worse.
  • Well, the defense didn't give up any points on that drive. Kansas City has to punt.
  • Wow. Diontae catches the ball and is running in the open field and just drops it. Complete sloppiness on his part went from two hands on the ball to one hand on the ball and dropped it. Chiefs recover.
  • Absolutely terrible tackling by the Steeler secondary gives up another touchdown. Chiefs 30, Steelers 0.
  • On 3rd and 11 Diontae Johnson now drops a wide open pass. Luckily the Chiefs were offsides.
  • Ray-Ray picks up the first down, but now is going to be hit with a taunting penalty. Wow, that's what you need to do— talk a bunch of smack when you're losing 30 to nothing.
  • On 4th and 4 the Chiefs actually end up with two penalties. The Steelers accept the pass interference one and will have the ball near the 10-yard line.
  • Three straight ugly incompletions and it's now fourth and ten. The Steelers are going to go for it, but Leglue moves early. So Boswell will come out. Chiefs 30, Steelers 3. What a joke.
  • Wow, you mean it's only the end of the third quarter. It couldn't just be the end of the game? Chiefs 30, Steelers 3.

4th Quarter

  • Cam Heyward with the second Steelers sack of the game.
  • Kansas City kicks a field goal. Chiefs 33, Steelers 3.
  • First play the Steelers go play action Ben gets hit and fumbles then the Chiefs recover inside the 10-yard line. And these kind of drives continue to add to the Steelers time of possession problems.
  • The Chiefs, without Mahomes, were more interested in running time than scoring a touchdown. They settled for a field goal. Chiefs 36, Steelers 3.
  • Well, at least the Steelers didn't play well for only two quarters. They played bad for all four.
  • Yes the offense is now moving the ball, but with 5 minutes to play does this really matter?
  • Diontae with a TD on 4th and 4. Chiefs 36, Steelers 10.
  • Thank goodness this misery is over. Chiefs 36, Steelers 10.

There you have it, my knee jerks. What were your thoughts? Be sure to get your opinions heard in the comment section below. Now time for me to process it, do some quick analyzing for the Scho Bro Show, and then put it behind me as the Steelers move on to Week 17 on Monday night in the Burgh against the Cleveland Browns . CAN’T WAIT???