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Do the Steelers’ playoff hopes end with a loss to the Ravens?

This divisional matchup has everything on the line for the Steelers.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers find themselves in a tough position. They hold a .500 record, but with most of the losses coming against teams that find themselves in a playoff position. Worse yet, they are 1-2 in a division which will likely send at least two, maybe three, teams to the AFC playoffs. With the Baltimore Ravens heading to town on Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers entire season looks to be coming down to this one game. A loss would mean dropping to 1-3 in divisional games, and would also see the Steelers drop below .500 once again.

Considering how the Steelers have lost/tied the last few weeks, another loss could be backbreaking for the Steelers’ confidence moving forward. Pro Football Focus (PFF) estimates the Steelers current playoff chances are under 10% and a loss of the Ravens would push that number into single digits. While another loss won’t officially mathematically eliminate the Steelers from playoff contention, their playoff fate would be out of their hands and require a lot of help on a week to week basis for more than a month. It’s hard enough to get these factors in one week, let alone six.

However, a win gives the Steelers a glimmer of hope, not a massive amount, but still a fighting chance. The AFC North is still a tight race and the Steelers best shot at making the playoffs still lies with winning the division. Sure, being 0-2 to the Cincinnati Bengals greatly impacts that, and the Steelers will need some help, but sweeping both the Ravens and Browns this year could put them in a good position to reclaim the crown. If the Steelers can manage to win this game they will still be on the heels of the Ravens, and if they could manage to get hot could overtake them for their position in the divisional race.

So when you are watching the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens clash on Sunday, you could be witnessing the end of the Steelers’ season, or the spark that turns around this entire 2021 year for the club. One thing is for certain, the Steelers will need a gigantic effort from all of their players including the guys whose names we barely know…

But what do you think? Does the entire 2021 season hinge on the Steelers game against the Ravens on Sunday? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.