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A pair of Steelers fined for infractions vs. the Bengals in Week 12

Two Steelers will be seeing less money on their Week 12 game checks.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

There are a couple members of the Pittsburgh Steelers who might be looked at their game checks from the Week 12 game vs. the Cincinnati Bengals and thinking, “Shouldn’t that number be larger?”

Those two players would be none other than cornerback James Pierre, and wide receiver Chase Claypool, who were both fined for instances during the team’s 41-10 loss last Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium.

The unnecessary roughness call on James Pierre is a penalty which doesn’t stand out for any specific reason, but all personal foul penalties are reviewed by the league for further discipline. As for the Claypool fine, this could have been expected. In frustration, Claypool ripped Darius Phillips’ helmet off and it almost sparked a brawl near the Bengals’ bench.

This isn’t the first time Claypool has received discipline after an on-field altercation, and is why his fine is over $8k. If Claypool stays on this current track, he could eventually face a suspension for some of these plays which are over the line.

The NFL has made it an emphasis to crack down on these type of personal foul penalties, and they are hitting players where they think it will make the biggest impact, their wallets. At this point, it is anyone’s guess if a player like Claypool will learn his lesson, or if more money has to be taken out of his game check before changes are made.

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