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If Steelers fans can survive Antonio Brown winning a Super Bowl, they can survive anything

Antonio Brown is a champion as a member of the Buccaneers. Furthermore, his quarterback is Tom Brady. Furthermore, their head coach is Bruce Arians. It can’t get any worse than that for a Steeler fan, right? But you survived.

NFL: Super Bowl LV-Champion Tampa Bay Buccanners Boat Parade Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I was three hours into an overtime shift at my new job last Tuesday, when I got word from the big bosses in the sky (I don’t know any of their names or even what they look like) that I would have to work an additional five hours of OT. In case you’re bad at math, that’s the good old double-shift.

My stomach dropped immediately upon hearing this announcement. How would I last that long at such a physical job? Furthermore, how would I muster up the energy to go back in the next morning at 7 a.m. and turn in another eight-hour shift?

Turns out, I got through it. Just fine? My left hand was swollen for two days, so no, but I got through it, nonetheless.

Point is, for a job that requires a lot of forced overtime, I can’t imagine having to endure a longer shift than that one. In other words, that was about as bad as things could possibly get, right?

Anyway, if you’re a Steelers fan, one who spent the better part of two years mocking Antonio Brown and praising the football gods in the sky because he was no longer catching passes as a receiver for the black and gold, your worst nightmare may have been realized about a week or so ago when Brown not only caught a touchdown in Super Bowl LV as a member of the Buccaneers, he became a champion, thanks to Tampa’s resounding 31-9 victory over the Chiefs.

Adding insult to injury, Brown caught that touchdown from Tom Brady, the long-time Steelers tormentor who left the Patriots to sign with the team whose head coach was the Steelers former offensive coordinator, a man supposedly so inept at offense, fans danced in the streets after it was announced that he was let go by Mike Tomlin following the 2011 campaign.

That’s a lot to unpack.

But you survived it. Brady is a champion for the seventh time (and, apparently, he can win a Lombardi with any team he chooses). Brown now has the hardware that should help land him in Canton one day. Bruce Arians now has as many rings as both Tomlin and Bill Cowher. Heck, even Rob Gronkowski managed to score two more Super Bowl touchdowns.

Again, though, here you are reading this article. You’re alive and well. You’re concentrating on free agency and the draft. You’re not worried about Brown being right, are you? I’m not.

I once thought the idea of Brown, a man who couldn’t have been more of a petulant child on his way out the door two offseasons ago, finding the ultimate redemption with another team would be too hard for me to handle.

I was wrong.

I really don’t care. And for that, I’m proud of myself. I’ve grown. I’ve matured. I’m not concerned with what the haters think or do (oh, sure, I care enough to write an article about it, but quotas).

In conclusion, I can’t think of anything worse than Brown catching a touchdown in a Super Bowl and becoming a champion, except for maybe Ben Roethlisberger signing with the Cowboys and...