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NFL 3 Round Live Mock Draft: The Steelers fill several needs

Christmas comes early in Pittsburgh as we complete a Walk the Mock Mock Draft.

Virginia Tech v Florida State Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Recently I set up a three round live draft over at Tim Sarvey’s site, Walk The Mock. As a long time member of the Behind The Steel Curtain, and really good guy, I try and publicize his site as much as possible. His new drafting tool “Real Time” is the first of it’s kind where you can draft with other fan bases as opposed to drafting against “the bot”. An example of this would be “the bot” passes on Trevor Lawrence when there isn’t a Jacksonville GM. We know that isn’t happening!

I want to give a little breakdown of the draft. There were 17 of 32 General Managers that signed into the draft, leaving fifteen bot picks. Not bad considering the site and new app is still relatively unknown, I’m sure that will change though. There was also a one minute timer for each pick. Not a lot of time, but I wasn’t sure how long the draft would take. The bot picks used the entire minute. I was following some of the trades and some were unrealistic because the last four rounds could be traded away with out any consequences. Patiently waiting my pick, I saw that a Top 15 tackle was continuing to fall. So, I decided to offer up a trade to Chicago who was picking at 20. I sent our pick at 24 and a fourth rounder in 2022, the trade was accepted.

With the 20th pick, the Steelers select: Christian Darrisaw OT, Virginia Tech

I was excited to get the second best Tackle in the draft, it met both need as well as value. The argument can be made that Rashawn Slater and Elijah Vera-Tucker are rated higher, but I feel both are destined to move inside. The question some will ask is “who was still available?”. Of note, Jaylen Waddle and Zaven Collins were still on the board. Caleb Farley also fell going at 19 to Dallas. Yes, he was also a trade possibility.

Moving to the second round, BTSC fan favorite Najee Harris was still there, but he didn’t last long. On a bot pick, the Atlanta Falcons selected Harris 35th overall. Before I could consider making a trade up to try and get him he was off to the ATL. So, remaining patient, while watching the best prospects getting picked, I scrolled through the board and saw one of my favorite prospects in the draft was still available. I did try and move up to get him, but the team I targeted made a trade with someone else. I was shocked to say the least when he fell to our second round pick at 55.

With the 55th, the Steelers select: Javonte Williams RB, North Carolina

Another need and and a pick I didn’t believe would fall, considering some of the teams in front of me, as well as a large amount of trades. Teams like Arizona, Chicago and Seattle who picked just before the Steelers could all be in the market for a running back. Prospects still on the board, Landon Dickerson, Pat Freiermuth (more on him in a moment) and Dillon Radunz were available. The Steelers drafted Darrisaw, so Radunz was out of the question.

With the “no consequences” trade aspect I tried to move back into the draft before Pat Freiermuth was taken. I offered our 87th and a second in 2022. I can’t believe that wasn’t accepted and some on here will say WTF, not WFT. Pat Freiermuth went to Jacksonville at pick 65 overall. I think some would ask why I didn’t try and trade up for Landon Dickerson, but I wanted to see what the other fan bases thought of him. Dickerson went to Dallas at pick No. 7 in the third round. My next player in line was Greg Newsome ll from Northwestern, but he immediately went to Dallas at pick No. 11 in Round 3. I knew I hated those prospects, but man the hatred burns even more now.

We finally get to pick No. 88 and I’m scanning the boards and narrow it down to 4 players. Two of those picks were actually from the University of Central Florida. There is a possible need for a nickel corner, and both of Aaron Robinson and Richie Grant could fill that need. The other was a transfer linebacker from LSU, Jabril Cox. Not necessarily a need unless you consider the length of contract with Vince Williams. I decided to made it an all offensive sweep with the first 3 picks.

With the 88th pick, the Steelers select, Hunter Long TE Boston College

I didn’t get Freiermuth, but I got a tight end anyway. Let’s face it, the smart choice was probably on the defensive side of the ball, but I’m sick of not having tight ends that can’t block, or in recent times, can’t catch. The position has been neglected, and the Steelers need help in the run game. Believe it or not, that doesn’t just fall on the offensive line.

So there is my draft, let’s recap:

With the 20th pick, the Steelers select: Christian Darrisaw OT, Va. Tech
With the 55th, the Steelers select: Javonte Williams RB, North Carolina
With the 88th pick, the Steelers select, Hunter Long TE Boston College

At this time, feel free to rake me over the coals in the comment section. Seriously though, sign up to Walk the Mock. The ability to draft with other fanbases is fun. We have been holding the live drafts at SB Nation for years, now there’s a site for it with less headache involved in the set up.

Go Steelers!!