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Saturday Night Open Thread: T’was the night before the biggest snacking day of the year

Come and join this merry band of Steeler faithful for some lively debate about our Steelers, some good food and the odd cold beverage.

Super Bowl IX - Pittsburgh Steelers vs Minnesota Vikings - January 12, 1975 Photo by Sylvia Allen/Getty Images

One more sleep until the ‘big game’. However, the best team through the end of November won’t be playing. Will you watch? Will you care??

I will watch but I will not care who wins. Nor will I care how long the national anthem is. Or which coach will be shown nostrils flaring first. Or if a field goal over 43 yards is made...

I will watch and eat! Smoked atomic turds, calamari, nacho dip... If you want a real challenge, guess how many slices of smoked brisket I eat.

Damn, now I am hungry. Anyway, on to the questions.

  1. Give us your out of left field call for tomorrow’s game. I am asking for you to call something now that no one sees coming.
  2. With Bruce Arians having become so successful after leaving the Steelers organization do you think that it was a mistake letting him go as OC?
  3. This week, much like last week and the week before, we have seen some express angst about JuJu and his off the field performance as he looks to expand his ‘brand’. Do you think that weighs in the Steelers decision to attempt to bring him back?
  4. How much of a factor do you think a salary cap of 180 million (or better yet 185) plays in the Steelers decision to bring Ben back versus cutting him?
  5. Humour me. IF, say, hypothetically ... you were going to place a friendly wager on the game tomorrow what would you be inclined to wager on?
  6. Bonus... what will you be eating while watching?