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Should the Steelers debut a gold alternate uniform?

Is it time for the Steelers to don some new threads?

Pete Rogers / SB Nation

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of professional sports’ most historic franchises. The organization loves to follow tradition, and it’s very rare for them to step out of line. Take uniforms for example. The Steelers have worn the basic iteration of their current designs since 1968, with the only adjustments being the style of the numbers and the color of the facemasks.

When it comes to alternate uniforms, the team tends not to stray far out of line. Outside of direct throwback uniforms, the Steelers have only worn a complete re-designed concept once. Those being the current, and league mandated, color-rush uniforms — one of the most popular jerseys, might I add. The last time the Steelers introduced a new alternate uniform it was literally the same home jersey they wear every week, just with the old block numbers.

So when Pete Rogers of SB Nation’s Fake Teams (fantasy sports) website re-designed a ‘reverse retro’ style jersey for all of the NFL’s 32 clubs, the Steelers’ jersey really stuck out. What is basically an inverse of the Steelers color rush uniforms, combines the classiness of the Steelers traditions with splash of color the universally mixed ‘bumble bee’ uniforms presented. Just take a look for yourself.

The Steelers have never worn a gold jersey in a game before, however, it is a mainstay at practice as the official color of the defense. Perhaps it is time the team breaks them out in a game. After all, every NFL team is allowed four different jerseys, pants, socks etc. In 2020, the Steelers only wore three different uniforms and would have an open slot. They could also take the look two different way either going all gold with their standard gold pants, or they could wear them with their black pants, which may be an even sharper look.

One other reason why an extra jersey is a good idea is simply revenue. The National Hockey League, which sparked these re-designs, introduced an extra jersey for each of its teams to raise funds in a year where earnings are way down. More spending could only help the NFL balance the books of the 2020 financial collapse. All around, everybody wins.

But what do you think? Should the Pittsburgh Steelers debut a debut a Gold alternate jersey? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.