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Pittsburgh Steelers Chase Claypool caught on video in bar fight

This is not a good look for the young wide receiver.

Washington Football Team v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a tight-lipped organization. They don’t like their business to be known across the sports landscape, and when you see it happen it almost becomes cringe-worthy.

This was the case for all of Antonio Brown’s fiascos, as well as Le’Veon Bell as he was on his way out of Pittsburgh. Is Chase Claypool the latest member of the Steelers to cause the front office to cringe and hold their breathe.

This all stems from a TMZ video which was published on the TMZ Sports website Wednesday which show Claypool in a bar fight. Take a look for yourself:

Anyone who has a social media account has seen far worse, as it pertains to street fights, but it was obvious how Claypool wasn’t able to just separate himself from the altercation. You can see in the video how Claypool looks as if he is just going to get away from everything, but returns to the scuffle.

Not a good look for a player who also was just labeled as a diva by a beat writer for the Steelers official website. While this won’t do anything to help Claypool’s image, it might be the even which helps the young receiver realize cameras are always on. Back in the 70s it would have been nothing to see some members of the Steelers throw down at a bar, but that was before everyone had tiny cameras in their pockets to record every incident.

The Steelers will be taking a look at this video, and will likely be handling any punishment given in-house. Nonetheless, Claypool is at a turning point of his young career, how he responds will be very noteworthy.

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