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Saturday Night Steelers Open Thread: Free Agency, NFL Draft and trades, oh my!

Time for another round of questions for the black and gold faithful on this Saturday night!

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

(Editor’s Note: Greg, Steel Canuck, is taking the week off this week. The guest questions will be submitted by Toronto Steeler Fan)

So it seems that steel canuck couldn’t make it to our weekly Saturday night open thread this week. I can’t tell you where he is tonight (I’m guessing that he’s working on building the Die Hard Museum of Christmas somewhere in his basement) but I volunteered to pinch hit tonight, so here we go!

1. I don’t think that it’s a leap to say that this off-season has been disappointing for Steeler fans, with all of the free agency losses. That said, judging from the comments on this site over the past few weeks, it seems to me as though Steeler Nation has been more disappointed than expected. Were you expecting free agency to go any better than it has for the Steelers?

2. You are Kevin Colbert. You have cleared up some cap space, with some more possible if you restructure Tuitt and a couple of smaller contracts. Which free agent (or two or three) do you sign to set yourself up for the draft (if any)? If it’s a starter you’re signing, provide a name and not just a position.

3. You are Kevin Colbert, free agency is over, and you are preparing for the draft. The Pittsburgh Steelers typically approach the draft with an eye to team needs one year out. In 2022, Ben Roethlisberger will have retired and your two backup quarterbacks will be free agents. This gives you a free hand to redesign the offense, much more so than you have had since 2004. As you enter the 2021 draft, what is your overall draft strategy to keep the Steelers competitive in 2022 and beyond, and who/what kind of players would you be looking to draft in the early rounds this year to fit that plan?

4. You are Kevin Colbert and it is draft day. The General Manager of the Patriots* calls you and offers you his son Damien and three 6th round picks for Mason Rudolph. Something feels suspicious about the offer. Do you make the deal?

5. I like to travel far and wide on vacation, and that is something that I have completely erased from my life since March 2020. Now as I look forward to the expanding vaccination programs, it seems to me that a return to normalcy is on the horizon and with it I am starting to plan for vacation travel again later this year. Are you planning on a normal vacation/travel schedule this year, and if so, to where?