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What was the Steelers low point of the 2020 season?

After looking back on the entire season, what was the rock-bottom moment for the 2020 Steelers?

Wild Card Round - Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

After looking at the high points for the Pittsburgh Steelers 2020 season, now it’s time to relive the terrible lows.

Although it seems as if Steelers fans are wallowing in the misery that was the final six games of the season, it is important to remember that there were some positives along the way before the Steelers got to this point. In fact, they were outlined earlier when looking at the Steelers “high points” of 2020.

For this exercise, we’re going to ignore individual performances and things of that nature and look strictly at the Steelers team as a whole. So if your looking at an injury being a low point, it’s not going to be included. While a lot of these moments deal with the conclusion of a game, there are some which is a snapshot within a game which is offered as a choice.

Here are your top five choices for the low point of the Steelers 2020 season:

Washington ends the winning streak in Week 13

Pittsburgh Steelers were rolling through the 2020 season with 11-straight victories. Hosting the 4-7 Washington Football Team in a game rescheduled for early on a Monday night, the Steelers jumped out to a 14-0 lead at the end of the first half only to have the officials hand Washington a field goal by mismanaging the clock. It was the Steelers second half where they continually let the Football Team back into the game, failed to attempt a 46-yard field goal to tie the game because of having a new kicker, and ultimately ending their 11-game win streak.

Buffalo’s pick-six in Week 14

The Steelers had a chance to bounce back from their first loss of the season in Buffalo on Sunday Night Football. Dominating the Bills offense which scored no less than 27 points the previous four games, the Steelers had a 7-3 lead while running the two minute drill at the end of the first half. Nearing midfield with a minute remaining to possibly add on another field goal before the half, Ben Roethlisberger threw a short pass intended for JuJu Smith-Schuster which was intercepted and returned 51 yards for a touchdown. Even with the Bills missing the extra point, a fantastic defensive performance in the first half was squandered away with the Steelers trailing going into the locker room and giving Buffalo the momentum to go on and win the game.

The 27-17 loss to the Bengals in Week 15 on Monday Night Football

If the Steelers first two losses of the season were frustrating, their third constructive loss in Cincinnati on Monday Night Football against a hapless 2-10-1 Cincinnati Bengals team missing their franchise quarterback was one of the most embarrassing losses the Steelers faced as a franchise in a very long time. The Steelers could get nothing done offensively and trailed the Ryan Finley lead Bengals 17-0 at halftime. Even after scoring a touchdown with just over five minutes remaining in the game to cut it down to one score, and forcing the Bengals to punt the ball back to them with just over two minutes left, the Steelers failed to gain a single yard and ultimately fell by a 10-point margin.

Trailing 28-0 at the end of the first quarter in the Wildcard Game

While there are a number of individual plays which could make up this selection, the Steelers collectively falling behind 28-0 before the conclusion of the first quarter in their Wildcard Game had Steelers’ Nation wondering what had become of their team. With the Steelers not scoring more than 28 points in a game since Week 10, there was a little hope of a come back. Between turnovers and lack of defensive stops, it was like the team who played the 2020 regular season wasn’t even in the same building with what Steelers’ fans were witnessing.

The 48-37 loss in the Wildcard Game

As bad as the Steelers start to the game was, they did manage to come back and not have the game completely out of hand by the start of the fourth quarter. But chosing the punt on fourth and one near midfield and the defense quickly giving up another touchdown, it was like there was no fight left in the Steelers. Although it was the final game of the season, getting eliminated from the playoffs at home while giving up 48 points continues to give Steelers fans not much hope for the future.

So there are the five nominations of the low point of the Steelers 2020 season. As nice as it was to reach the month of December without any major lows, the 2020 season was shaping up to be really encouraging. But squeezing so many lows into a small period of time to end the season does not leave a good taste in the Steelers’ mouth going in to 2021.

Of course, all of these moments were bad. But which one was the lowest? Make sure you cast your vote in the poll and leave any thoughts in the comments below.


What was the "low point" of the Steelers 2020 season?

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  • 2%
    Washington ends the winning streak in Week 13
    (13 votes)
  • 0%
    Buffalo’s pick-six in Week 14
    (3 votes)
  • 21%
    The 27-17 loss to the Bengals in Week 15 on Monday Night Football
    (96 votes)
  • 48%
    Trailing 28-0 at the end of the first quarter in the Wildcard Game
    (214 votes)
  • 25%
    The 48-37 loss in the Wildcard Game
    (111 votes)
  • 0%
    Other (leave your answer in the comments)
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