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Joe Haden throws water on the hot take of the Steelers releasing him

When reports of the Steelers cutting Joe Haden hit social media, Haden himself threw water on those flames.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

There is no hiding the fact the Pittsburgh Steelers are in dire straits as it pertains to the 2021 salary cap. Sure, no one knows what that figure will be, but it is projected to be less than the $198 million teams had to operate under in 2020.

If the cap drops even $10 million dollars, the Steelers will have some work to do to just get cap compliant, let alone be players in free agency.

This is where the topic of cap casualties come in. Not sure what this label even means? It is simply someone who is cut from the team due to their inflated salary cap hit. With that said, the Steelers have several players on their roster would could be viewed as potential cap casualties:

Ben Roethlisberger
David DeCastro
Vince Williams
Steven Nelson
Stephon Tuitt

And even cornerback Joe Haden.

There are some names listed above we know aren’t going anywhere, but some view Haden as a serious possibility for a cap casualty. In 2021, Haden is due $8.575 million and the Steelers could view it as too much to spend for an aging cornerback.

NFL Insider John Clayton, who used to cover the Steelers during the Chuck Noll era, went on the record saying the Steelers could part ways with Haden due to his contract.

Haden saw this on Twitter, and felt the need to give his two cents.

Take a look at what Haden said on his verified Twitter account:

Could Haden be wrong? Could the Steelers still pull the plug on the former Florida Gator? They could, but I doubt he would have the audacity to take to social media with such a claim if he wasn’t assured he wasn’t going anywhere.

The Steelers, and the rest of the NFL, will be faced with several tough decisions in the coming weeks with the NFL league year set to begin on March 17th. Once the salary cap number is set for this upcoming season, which some are saying won’t happen until days before the new year begins, you can expect a frenzy of moves to take place.

With that said, be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes on the black and gold as they prepare for the new league year, NFL Free Agency and the 2021 NFL Draft.