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Notre Dame the latest school to host their Pro Day workout, and the Steelers’ brass

The Pro Day circuit continues, and the latest stop is South Bend, Indiana.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame Pro Day Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

After the NFL decided to cancel the 2021 NFL Scouting Combine, the onus then was placed on individual school’s Pro Days. The workouts have been ongoing for months, or since the NCAA season ended, and they continued with some big time schools putting their talent through workouts.

Here is the list of workouts which took place on Tuesday:

With big name schools like Notre Dame and LSU having workouts, you can imagine the Pittsburgh Steelers’ front office was well represented. Notre Dame was the workout which brought out Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert.

Mike Tomlin enjoyed his time at Notre Dame so much, he even gave the school’s official a nice quote about the school and the players they produce.

There were a ton of prospects to keep an eye on in South Bend, but here are some times to note from the Fighting Irish Pro Day:

While there were plenty of eyes on the prospects at Notre Dame, the Steelers were being talked about in other schools. At Wake Forest quarterback Jamie Newman said he has spoken to the Steelers a lot this offseason. Newman isn’t considered a top tier option at quarterback, but could be a mid-round pick if the Steelers want to add to the QB room.

For those who don’t watch a lot of ACC football, or Wake Forest football, here is a breakdown of Newman, via The Pro Football Network:

Positives: Nice-sized pocket passer with an undeveloped game. Patient, buys as much time as necessary for receivers and stands strong against the rush. Possesses a compact throwing motion, a live arm, and throws tight spirals with speed. Displays a sense of timing on throws and does not have receivers waiting for the ball to arrive.

Natural-looking off the safety, spreads the ball around and uses all his targets. Remains poised as the pocket collapses around him, shows no sense of worry, and is quick bouncing it to the outside. Loses nothing throwing on the run and easily gets the ball downfield. Puts touch on throws and delivers a catchable ball. Effectively led the Wake Forest offense in 2019.

Negatives: Tends to stare down the primary target and is late moving his eyes from receivers. Holds the ball a little too long and must hasten his decision-making. Struggles with his accuracy as well as pass placement and can be all over the place with throws.

Analysis: Newman possesses the physical skills to play in the NFL but needs a lot of work on the intangibles and details of the quarterback position. He started off hot during the first day of Senior Bowl practices, then he quickly fizzled out and looked like a quarterback who had not played football in more than a year. Newman is a high-upside prospect but needs time and proper coaching to meet his incredible upside.

There might be news which slipped through the cracks from Wednesday’s workouts, so if you have any news put them in the comment section below. On top of that, be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the black and gold as they prepare for the rest of Free Agency and the 2021 NFL Draft.