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2021 NFL Mock Draft: Recap of the 7-round Steelers Draft

Let’s take a look at the Pittsburgh Steelers haul in the mock of all mocks

CFP Semifinal at the Allstate Sugar Bowl - Clemson v Ohio State Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Over this past weekend, myself an about 30 fellow draftniks held our annual live draft. This is the same live draft that has taken place here at Behind The Steel Curtain, as well as a few other SB Nation NFL sites. Unfortunately, our draft was moved from SB Nation due to a couple of reasons, but mostly because of the inability of CORAL to handle the high volume of comments that we would have.

So, one of our veteran drafters created a place at DISCORD and THE LEGACY MOCK DRAFT was created. I’m not going to lie, the site is great, there were multiple rooms used for various things such as a Free Agency period that was created on the fly, but the process still needs refining. It’s very unrealistic, but it still was a fun exercise. Learned a little about the salary cap and contract structures from a very knowledgeable Vikings fan.

I was able to sign:

  • Yannick Ngakoue
  • Mike Hilton
  • Tyson Alualu

There was one other signing, but the room was removed and I can’t remember who it was. With that said, let’s get on to why we are really here, the results of The Legacy Mock Draft, and who was taken for our Pittsburgh Steelers.

Round 1: Pick 24 - Travis Etienne RB Clemson

I went into Friday thinking that there could be a defensive player that I couldn’t pass on. I was actually thinking that maybe Jaycee Horn (#13 pick) or maybe Jaelen Phillips (#9 pick) would be available, so much for that. As commissioner, I did not have time to attempt many trades as there is a pile of work to do behind the scenes. I would have liked to have traded up to get Christian Darrisaw (#20 pick) or even Caleb Farley (#21 pick) who had cleared his medical check. I also thought that if I drafted a running back at No. 24 it would be Javonte Williams, and yes that was in consideration, but Travis Etienne was available and I feel he may fit Canada’s system better in the long term. I did not hesitate to send in the pick.

Round 2: Pick 55 - Pat Freiermuth TE Penn State

What you say? No Tackle?

The run on Offensive Lineman started and it didn’t let up. Watching some of my expected Round 2 picks go off the board along with the run of Tackles I was left with “Baby Gronk” and I was happy as hell when I went back to my board and he was still available. I had to check with my ADMIN crew and make sure I didn’t miss marking him off my board. There was one tackle left and maybe, just maybe, I should have picked him, Liam Eichenberg was still there. Even with the recent injury, Freiermuth was my pick and I got one of my crushes and even if some won’t admit it, a future TE is needed.

Round 3: Pick 87 - Cameron McGrone ILB MICHIGAN

I think this is a pick that will draw the most “boooooos” like the crowd at the draft when Ole Rog walks across the platform to his podium. I have been on record as wanting a ILB with some length, and yet I draft a guy that is barely over six foot tall. I think he is underrated as a football player that fits in with what the Steelers do. He is a three down backer that is decent in defending the run game. Looking at who was available, I really wanted to add Nico Collins, but the offense already had two picks. I also considered Pete Warner here.

Round 4: Pick 128 - Robert Rochell CB Central Arkansas

The Steelers lost two starting corners during the off season process, Steven Nelson and Mike Hilton, both playing different positions. Pittsburgh also retained Cameron Sutton, the question remains where will he fit best? I don’t know. For as much as I battle with that idea I battled with this pick. I think the position overall needed addressed, but what position, inside or outside? I chose outside. He is overly aggressive, but his play style fits with our scheme, can play press but also is better at off ball.

Round 4: Pick 141(comp) - D’ante Smith T/G East Carolina

Finally an Offensive Lineman, but it isn’t a Center or top rated Tackle. I have him listed as both Tackle and Guard because I can see him getting his feet wet inside before possibly moving to the outside in the future. He has a quick set coming off the snap and decent feet. Great arm length, but he is light in the shorts. He is gonna have to had about 15 - 18lbs at the next level.

Round 6: Pick 216 - Marquez Stevenson WR KR PR Houston

I can hear the moans and groans now over this pick. Yes the Wide Receiver room is stacked, especially with JuJu Smith-Schuster returning. The Steelers also signed Ray-Ray McCloud back, so why the need for another Wide Receiver or ST Returner? One, I believe in competition, I don’t think McCloud has shown enough to just give him the job outright. The sketchy catches are concerning and the return game isn’t the greatest, not all his fault but it still needs improvement. Two, it just seems a natural fit into the new system as a utility player. He is dynamic in the slot and on the move. He wasn’t used correctly in Houston’s offense, in my opinion.

Round 7: Pick Pick 245 - William Bradley-King EDGE Baylor

This is my least favorite pick, but the Steelers could use some depth behind a somewhat depleted room. He offers up decent length and strength in his hands, along with solid hand work. Run game needs improvement, does not contain well, but I think coaching and positioning can improve that. Most likely a pass rush option only early on.

Round 7: Pick 254 - James Smith Punter Cincinnati

Never been a fan of Berry as a punter, too many important situations that turned south for me. This guy can boom it, and he is Australian, so this pick was for Les.

I will be glad to answer any questions and participate in the discussions. Interested in hearing what you think.....or maybe not. We are also doing an UDFA segment at THE LEGACY, so I will pass that on as soon as that takes place and as always GO STEELERS

The link provided will give you a full look at the draft.


DISCLAIMER: The pick numbers are off in the DRAFT TRACKER, Pick 77 of the Patriots was actually forfeited and left in to poke fun at New England and getting caught cheating. The Bengal sideline video taping.