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2021 NFL Mock Draft: The Steelers take one of the top centers with their first pick

In the latest mock draft, the Steelers look to lock in the middle of the offensive line in the first round of the 2021 NFL draft.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 26 Oklahoma at Kansas State Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2021 NFL draft is now only 10 days away. With free agency winding down and all eyes on the upcoming NFL draft, the Steelers will have a lot of different draft scenarios which could shake out before making their first draft selection. Because the NFL combine will not be held, pro days were the best option to get player information. With the majority of these pro days concluded, it’s still difficult to gauge which players will move up draft boards while others fall.

When talking about mock drafts or NFL free agency, you have to first identify the team’s main needs for the offseason. At this point in free agency, there are some who would like to see the Steelers go with either offensive line or running back with their first-round pick. Others feel tight end or linebacker could be on top of the list. With the Steelers shaping their roster prior to April, their goal is usually to get in to position to draft the best player available rather than target a specific position. When it comes to what position the team will select with their first pick, it is certainly up for debate.

Although is has been difficult to find a mock draft which has the Steelers taking a player we have not already covered, this week wasn’t nearly as bad. In the latest mock draft by Pro Football Network, they have the Steelers taking one of the top centers in the draft. It should also be noted this particular mock also had the Steelers selecting running back Javonte Williams in the second round. Since the Steelers could go in any number of directions with their first selection, it is important to look at all the possibilities presented by various mock draft outlets.

Check out the Steelers 24th pick:

24. Pittsburgh Steelers | Creed Humphrey | C | Oaklahoma| JR |

Even though the draft process has been going on for a while, there may be players some fans are not familiar with. If this is the case, here is a breakdown of Humphrey according to

Humphrey is a wide-bodied interior blocker that has a wealth of experience along the interior. With 37 career starts (36 straight), he’s been a three-year starter that’s been a key cog of one of the most explosive offenses in the country. As a left-handed center, he’s one of the few in the country. While being a limited athlete, he has the smarts of knowing how to use his frame, strength, and football IQ to his advantage. Hardly ever asked to exit outside of his parameters in the A-gaps, he’s quick to mark his territory and isn’t one to waste time jostling back and forth with interior defenders. In the right scheme, he has the chance to go on to eventually become a long-term starter in a power-centric offense that keeps his demands in short areas. He graduated with a degree in Finance (Dec. 2020).

Ideal Role: Starting Center

Scheme Fit: Man/Gap/Power scheme

For all you who are preparing yourself for the draft, what do you think of the selection? Would you be on board with the Steelers taking Humphrey with their first pick? Or do you feel the Steelers should look at a different center, either in Round 1 or somewhere else? Personally, if the Steelers have a center they love enough to take in the first round, then I am going to trust their judgment. I really like this particular mock because the Steelers were still able to get Javonte Williams in Round 2. My biggest concern with Humphrey is the Steelers like to pull their center. I do not believe this would be something Humphrey would be known to do, but I’m also not sure that there is a center in this draft who could adequately do this either. So like I said before, if the Steelers like him enough to take him in the first round, then they would be getting the guy they wanted.

As always, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, and remember these mock drafts are merely speculation and caused to create discussion among the fan base.