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BTSC’s Steelers Live 2021 Chat Room Mock Draft Order

The draft order for BTSC’s live chat room mock draft on The Steelers Hangover has been selected. Check it out.

Trevor Lawrence Workout Photo by Aubrey Lao/Getty Images

Finally, the 2021 NFL Draft is only days away. As always, there is plenty of excitement in Steeler Nation for the first round.

Three days before the actual general managers choose, the knowledgeable BTSC chat room family willl get a chance to pick their players on an episode of The Steelers Hangover with Bryan Anthony Davis and Tony Defeo on Monday at 8 PM.

Here is a rundown if which BTSC live chatters will be imagination employed for one hour by NFL teams.

Check out the live draft order below.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars - BTSC Staff Pick
  2. New York Jets - Snowman
  3. San Francisco 49ers (From Miami via Houston) - Chad Dobbs
  4. Atlanta Falcons - Terry Bittinger
  5. Cincinnati Bengals - Mike Smith
  6. Miami Dolphins (From Philadelphia) - Stacy Lynn
  7. Detroit Lions - Guyro
  8. Carolina Panthers - Bat Itch
  9. Denver Broncos - Jeff Lauderdale
  10. Dallas Cowboys - JustLivingLife97
  11. New York Giants - Janer Antonio Cabeza Manrique
  12. Philadelphia Eagles - (From Miami via San Francisco) - Cree Ickes
  13. Los Angeles Chargers - Russ Obenstine
  14. Minnesota Vikings - Sean Manahan
  15. New England Patriots - Solarverse 6
  16. Arizona Cardinals - Davis Briggs
  17. Las Vegas Raiders - TateBoyz
  18. Miami Dolphins - Matt Smith
  19. Washington Football Team - Ken McNair
  20. Chicago Bears - Jerry Cherry
  21. Indianapolis Colts - Percy Foreman
  22. Tennessee Titans - Tyler W.
  23. New York Jets - (From Seattle) - Matt Stofko
  24. Pittsburgh Steelers - Jonas Wedlich
  25. Jacksonville Jaguars - (From Los Angeles Rams)
  26. Cleveland Browns - Todd Feighery
  27. Baltimore Ravens - Asiatic Noble
  28. New Orleans Saints - Tyler Jacobs
  29. Green Bay Packers - Kobie Picaux
  30. Buffalo Bills - Zach Farnsworth
  31. Kansas City Chiefs - Drew Wood
  32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Donald Nolan

Wait List

  1. R Jeffords

Check out the Steelers live chat room mock draft from BTSC on The Steelers Hangover. See you then!