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Alan Faneca, like many Steelers before him, has a teammate worthy of the HOF present him

The Hall of Fame guard is having a former teammate who many view as worthy of the Hall of Fame presenting him his summer.

Pittsburgh Steelers’ receiver Hines Ward (86) carr Photo credit should read DAVID MAXWELL/AFP via Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers organization is like a fraternity. Regardless of whether you leave the team, or finish your career elsewhere, you will always be considered a Steeler. This is why players like Kevin Greene, who played for a number of NFL teams, decided to be enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a member of the black and gold. Alan Faneca, who will be enshrined this summer as the part of the Class of 2021, didn’t finish his career in Pittsburgh, but will be enshrined as a Steeler.

One aspect of the enshrinement process is when those how are getting in announce who will be presenting them. For many Steelers, the person they select has extra meaning. They aren’t just picking a person which they knew well, but often want to send a message to the Pro Football Hall of Fame about a teammate who is deserving of the gold jacket.

Fans saw Lynn Swann do this when he chose John Stallworth to present him when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, and the same could be said when Tony Dungy chose Donnie Shell to present him. It just so happens both of those presenters eventually were inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Faneca is following in those same footsteps, as he made it known Tuesday he will have former teammate, and Hall of Fame hopeful, Hines Ward present him this summer.

Ward has been eligible for the Hall of Fame for several years now, never making it to the final stage of the process. Despite not having the statistics many other pass catchers have on their resumes, his credentials include two Super Bowl victories and a Super Bowl XL MVP.

Faneca choosing Ward wasn’t just about a teammate which he admired, but drawing attention to Ward as a potential Hall of Fame player. A classy move by Faneca, and one which should make the enshrinement ceremony even more special for the Steelers organization.

This summer the following members of the Steelers organization will be forever enshrined into the hallowed halls of Canton, OH:

Class of 2020
Bill Cowher
Donnie Shell
Troy Polamalu

Class of 2021
Bill Nunn
Alan Faneca

It will be a very black and gold weekend in Ohio this summer, and adding Ward to the mix only makes it more special. Be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers as they prepare for the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft.