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2021 NFL Draft: Predicting the Pittsburgh Steelers’ first round pick

The BTSC staff put their collective minds together to predict the Steelers’ top pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The 2021 NFL Draft is finally here, and it is now time to try and consider who your favorite team, in this case the Pittsburgh Steelers, will pick when it is their turn at the podium. Here at BTSC we strive to give you everything you could possibly want leading up to the draft, and that includes our crazy staff predictions.

Will we be right?

Probably not.

Will that stop us from taking a stab at who the Steelers pick?

Absolutely not.

Below you will see members of the BTSC staff and their predictions for the Steelers’ first round pick. The selection is No. 24 in Round 1, and there will be no options for trades in these predictions. We are picking based on the Steelers staying at pick No. 24.

With that said, check out the predictions below, and be sure to give us your prediction in the comment section below!

Jeff Hartman

Pick: Creed Humphrey

Is he a Round 1 talent? That’s debatable, but the Steelers’ need at the center position can’t be a wait-and-see proposition. Humphrey is the best fit for the Steelers, in my opinion, and wouldn’t be a wasted pick.

Dave Schofield

Pick: Creed Humphrey

Even though Jeff took my guy, we both came to the same conclusion without discussing it with each other first. I went with Humphrey on the Scho Bro Show podcast and I’m not changing it now. If an unexpected player falls to the Steelers at 24, I hope they take him. This is a pick merely speculating that those who should be gone are gone, and the Steelers know Humphrey will do more with them that he would with other organizations.

Bryan Anthony Davis

Pick: Trade Back with Green Bay to No. 29 and take Javonte Williams

Kevin Colbert will answer the phone and be fine with trading down to the end of the first round to improve the running game. The choice here doesn’t have the name recognition of Najee Harris and Travis Etienne, but Javonte Williams could be a bell cow and a superstar for the Steelers. Javonte was sixth in the NCAA in 2020 on only 157 carries and he reached the end zone 19 times on the ground and three as a receiver. Williams is more than capable as a pass blocker and a superb receiver as well, but his biggest strength is breaking tackles. Forget that he isn’t a marquee talent out of Bama or LSU, Williams could be the toast of the Steel City.

Geoffrey Benedict

Pick: Justin Fields

You want to know what is stupid? The NFL Draft process that ends up with Justin Fields falling to the mid-teens. But we all know it can happen. Fields would be dynamic in the right offense, and Matt Canada is the guy to build that offense for him.

Shannon White

Pick: Najee Harris

Everybody already knows how badly I want the Steelers to select Creed Humphrey in the first round. I believe he is the exception to the rule, a elite center prospect worthy of first round selection. However, due to the unusually deep center class this year and the opposite holding true for the running back class, I expect the Steelers to select Najee Harris with their first selection if available. I love his physicality, skill set, and character. He sold me on that fact when he drove all night to attend Alabama's initial pro day even though he wouldn't be participating. Sounds like a Steelers type individual to me.

Michael Beck:

Pick: Zaven Collins

I have to stick with the guy I've been pulling for since this process started. Collins is a do it all linebacker, and the perfect running mate for Devin Bush. The duo would terrorize the AFC North for a decade and make Joe Burrow, Baker Mayfield, and Lamar Jackon’s lives a nightmare.

K.T. Smith (CHISAP)

Pick: Najee Harris

The Steelers seem to be leaning towards investing in the running back position the way they’ve done at receiver and linebacker. I think they’ll grab a top back in the draft first and take the linemen who will help him later since this draft is deeper on linemen than on backs. While I like Travis Etienne a bit better overall, the Steelers seem to like Harris. I’m cool with that. Go Steelers.

Tony Defeo

Pick: Najee Harris

I’ve been in the “No running back in the first round” camp for a while now. But I was talking to a friend the other day, and we both agreed that if you get Le’Veon Bell-level production from a back for five years or so, wouldn’t that be worth it? Besides, I haven’t seen a player linked to the Steelers this much since Jarvis Jones (I know, bad comparison). Anyway, I think one of the other backs will go earlier, and Harris would be there at 24.

Rich Schofield

Pick: Zaven Collins

I am not going to be upset with whomever the Steelers choose in the first round, as long as I feel they didn’t reach for someone. That being said, I hopped on the Collins bandwagon during The Scho Bro Show podcast and like my Little Bro I am sticking with my pick. The biggest reason I could see the Steelers going with Collins is because it would be a “Steelers kind of move”. A pick like this could solidify the middle of the defense for years, and we know how the Steelers and their fans love defense.

Matt Peverell

Pick: Javonte Williams

I know I said Creed Humphrey on Touchdown Under (plus multiple times in out BTSC Slack Channel), I’m happy with Creed Humphrey, I think with out needs and his potential it’s not a crazy reach...but somehow, someway, my gut says we’re off the mark here. Najee Harris will be off the board by the 24th pick, Travis Etienne at 23rd to the Jets, then it’s Javonte Williams because the run on RBs has happened. BAD, Jeff and I start waving terrible towels so fast we almost take off! In all seriousness, we have no idea who is going to be the first pick or whether the Steelers stay in this spot, the safe bet is offensive line (no Dickerson, no Dickerson) but the scenario above is just one hypothetical that shows just how fast things may change.

Mark Davison

Pick: Najee Harris

The pick at No. 24 I’d like to see is a bruiser like Harris, as I believe the Steelers need to bring that running game back to the spot light. A power back such as Harris opens the Matt Canada offense with creative plays on 2nd and short. The Steelers need a change and it starts with running the ball.

What is your prediction? Let us know in the comment section below, and be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the black and gold as they prepare for the 2021 NFL Draft.