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Steelers players took to social media with excitement over Najee Harris

Nobody was as excited about Najee Harris as the members of the Steelers roster

Via: Twitter/@Steelers

The moment Roger Goodell read out the Steelers first round draft choice, many members of the Pittsburgh Steelers roster took to social media to. share their excitement. Beyond that even members of rival team were excited for the Alabama running back. Here are some of the best reactions from Steelers players, and others, on their reaction to the Steelers selecting Najee Harris.

The former Alabama guys:

Some current Steelers, who once played for the Crimson Tide were very vocal about Najee Harris. Minkah Fitzpatrick was especially pumped as he called the pick about a month ago.

The Rest of the Gang:

It didn't matter if you played on offense or defense, the Pittsburgh Steelers were all fired up for this pick. Given Najee Harris is known as a great locker room guy and outstanding on the field it is easy to see why the guys would be so excited.

Former Steelers:

The Steelers alumni even took to social media in support of the pick. From another famous ‘Harris’ to big play receivers it sounds like the Steelers drafted the guy that players desperately wanted.

The Rivals:

Even Baltimore Ravens corner, Marlon Humphrey had to show his appreciation for the pick.

We know how the players feel about the pick, but what do you think of Najee Harris? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.