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Unlike other NFL teams, Steelers don’t raise ticket prices for 2021

Season ticket holders were sent their invoices for the 2021 season and informed prices are holding steady.

Divisional Round - Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers, along with the entire NFL, are hoping to get back to playing games in front of full stadiums this fall. After a year which saw all NFL teams playing in front of limited or no fans throughout the 2020 season, getting back to capacity will help both in returning to the typical season and move past the revenue loss in ticket sales which caused a dip in the 2021 salary cap.

With some teams such as the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, and Carolina Panthers announcing an increase in ticket sales for the 2021 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers are holding steady with their ticket prices from what they planned for the 2020 season. In an email sent out this week, the Steelers informed season ticket holders the only change in price from the 2020 season would be the replacing of a preseason game with a regular season game. Otherwise, per game prices are holding steady for 2021.

The per-game cost of your tickets will remain flat for the 2021 season. However, the NFL recently confirmed a 17-game schedule beginning this season and that AFC teams will have the additional regular season home game in the 2021 season. So, the total package price reflected on your invoice includes 1 preseason game and 9 regular season games.

With the majority of season ticket holders from 2020 not getting the opportunity to attend a game last season, if they had paid their invoices before opting out for the season, there is only a very minimal account balance. Should the Steelers have to raise ticket prices in 2022, it will also come with a slight price decrease as they are scheduled to have eight regular season games and two preseason games.

When it comes to purchasing individual game tickets for the 2021 season, this obviously will not happen until the schedule has been released. It is believed the NFL will not release their schedule until at least the middle of May for the 2021 season. When individual games go on sale, they should be at the same prices as the 2020 season.

One thing for Steelers fans to keep in mind is that not all regular season games are the same price. Several years ago, the Steelers implemented a tier system for their ticket pricing where higher profile games have a higher price than other games, and preseason games are now less expensive where they used to be the same price as the regular season games.

Another important item for fans to remember when acquiring tickets for the 2021 season is that all ticketing will be done electronically. In the past, season ticket holders had the option for paper tickets. There is still a possibility of limited seating at games come this fall, it is easier for the Steelers to control the validity of tickets when they are issued electronically.

Your season tickets will be mobile only, to be accessed via the Steelers Mobile App. This is necessary to provide flexibility in the event of reduced capacity this upcoming season and provides the most convenient way to manage your tickets. Once paid in full, your tickets will be available to manage through the Steelers Account Manager and Steelers Official Mobile App once the NFL schedule is released later this spring.

Season ticket holders will be able to either sell or transfer their tickets electronically to others once the schedule is set. The same feature should be available when for individual game sales once those tickets have been purchased. But fans should beware of anyone selling paper tickets to any game.

For those fans who are used to attending games at Heinz Field but were unable to in 2020 due to the global pandemic, seeing the possibility of returning to Heinz Field to waive your terrible towels as Renegade is blasted throughout the stadium brings an uncontrollable excitement, even when it is five months away from the start of the regular season.