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2021 NFL Draft Results: Pittsburgh Steelers select Dan Moore with 4th round pick

The Pittsburgh Steelers have selected Texas A&M center Dan Moore their 4th round pick in the 2021 draft.

Texas A&M v Mississippi Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Entering the 2021 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers had a number of draft needs which they needed to address. Unlike in 2020, with no first round selection in the draft, the Steelers possessed a full allotment of draft picks. With eight picks, the following positions could be viewed as a priority entering the selection process: running back, center, pass rusher and even inside linebacker. Those positions, and more, were positions of need to help the black-and-gold get to the next level in 2021. There have been numerous thoughts and debates regarding what the team will do in Day 3 of the NFL Draft.

When the dust settled, the Steelers have selected Texas A&M offensive tackle Dan Moore, with their first 4th Round pick in the draft.

For those who may not know much about Dan Moore as a player, this is his overall breakdown of his game, per his NFL Draft Profile:


Three-year starter at left tackle against challenging SEC competition across from him. Moore held his own for an offensive line that was a finalist for the Joe Moore Award (nation’s top OL) and he carries a well-proportioned build with good lean mass. He has adequate athletic ability to handle swing tackle duties, but plays with inconsistent hand strength and placement in both the run and passing games, causing him to lose control of the rep. He’s clearly shown improvement at his position and doesn’t have glaring athletic or physical weaknesses. However, he might not be a plus in any one category, which will make it difficult for him to become more than a solid backup.


  • Three-year starter.
  • Play was much more consistent in 2020.
  • Pass pro movements are athletic.
  • Decent patience against rush counters.
  • Adequate recovery anchor against the bull rush.
  • Quality ability as cut-blocker.
  • Mindful of footwork and technique on double teams.
  • Runs feet to secure washdown blocks on outside zone.
  • Showed off quality second-level adjustments against Arkansas.


  • Outside hands are too wide, causing him to gather rather than punch.
  • A bit of a heel-clicker at times in pass slides.
  • Needs to pick a target and fully commit when faced with blitz.
  • Doesn’t feel long enough to control point of attack and execute kick outs.
  • Would like to see more aggression into first contact as run blocker.
  • Inconsistent body control and positioning to consistently secure his block.
  • Rarely controls the action with strong hands.
  • Below-average demeanor as block finisher.

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ draft needs in the remaining rounds of the draft now would be considered: Cornerback, wide receiver, inside linebacker and outside linebacker among other positions.

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