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Steelers Nation reacts to the Steelers Day 3 draft picks

The 2021 NFL Draft is complete and the fan base is amped up.

Reese’s Senior Bowl Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Finally, the 2021 NFL Draft is completed. After six total selections on Day 3, 8 more undrafted free agents, and a handful of rookie camp invitees the process is complete. With any new acquisition you know the fan base will react. Below you will find the best reactions to the Steelers 2021 Day three draft picks.

Dan Moore Jr., OT, Texas A&M

The Steelers filled all of their offensive holes with their first fourth round pick. Moore offers the Steelers great length, and a key developmental piece. Moore is another road grader, and one more piece in the puzzle of fixing the run game.

Buddy Johnson, ILB, Texas A&M

The Steelers added another thumper to their inside linebacker room. This one was seen as a bit of a reach, but a near perfect fit. Being able to sit and learn behind a number of veterans will do him some good. —Side note don't you just love Coach Olsavsky what a clip

Isaiahh Loudermilk, DT, Wisconsin

This pick caught everyone off guard. From the trade to get the pick to the pick itself this one came out of left field. The Steelers love Loudermilk, but to most of the fan base/media he was a relative unknown.

Quincy Roche, LB, Miami

Perhaps the biggest steal of the Steelers 2021 draft. I have yet to come across someone who didn't love the value and talent of Roche. Positivity flowed through the internet when this pick was announced.

Tre Norwood, CB, Oklahoma

When the Steelers finally got a corner in the draft you could feel the fan base exhale simultaneously. Like Coach Mike Tomlin said he’s a Swiss army knife that can do a little bit of everything for this defense.

Pressley Harvin III, P, Georgia Tech

Possibly my favorite pick of the draft was a punter, yes you read that right. The kid has a rocket of a leg and the physique of a guard, sprinkled in with a sneaky throwing ability that will slow down even the most aggressive teams. This was a fun pick for much of Steelers Nation, and a kid we will likely grow to adore.

So with that the draft is over! What are your thoughts on these picks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.