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If the Steelers are all-in this season they need to extend two more players

The Steelers could quite easily create 10 million dollars in cap space but they still haven't...

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers have made a number of moves to suggest they are all-in on the 2021 season. From bringing back Ben Roethlisberger to signing JuJu Smith-Schuster to a one year deal, this team is clearly trying to take one more swing at a Super Bowl title in the Ben Roethlisberger era. But for a team trying to win, they haven't pulled out all the stops at loading up the roster. For everything the Steelers have already done they could have been able to retain more of the 2020 roster, or added more outside talent, by making two simple moves: Extending both Joe Haden, and David DeCastro.

By adding years to either player’s deal, the Steelers could create up to an additional $10,880,000 in cap space here in 2021. Considering they currently have $9,337,076 (according to Over the Cap) in salary space the team could easily push that number north of $20 million. For a team that likes to carry 5-7 million for in-season spending, that means the Steelers could play around with an additional $13-15 million in cap space.

With so many solid veteran free agents begging just to get a contract in this league the Steelers could use that money to add around four impact caliber players. Considering Ryan Kerrigan just signed a one-year deal for only $3.5 million I think the Steelers could scoop up some of the biggest names still available and still have left over cash. I don't see how $15 million couldn't afford them Justin Houston, Brian Poole, Russell Okung, and Adrian Peterson in this reduced cap market. Even if they aren't starters, the Steelers would be a significantly deeper, and better, team with those players on the roster.

If the Steelers are planning on extending Haden and DeCastro next year anyway, at least make the move now to free up some extra cash to bolster the roster. Two simple moves equals $10 million dollars in salary space, two veteran leaders staying on the team, and quite simply a better Pittsburgh Steelers squad as they try to add a seventh Lombardi trophy. Baffling how these moves haven't already been made yet.

But what do you think? If the Steelers are truly 100% in on the 2021 season wouldn't they make these moves? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.