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Win some free Steelers swag with the BTSC/BreakingT contest

Who doesn’t love Pittsburgh Steelers gear? Who doesn’t REALLY love it when it is free?! Winning is’s how...

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Pittsburgh Steelers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers fan base is a rabid bunch, and one think they love to do is sport their colors. We here at BTSC are no different, and when we partnered up with BreakingT to produce our fan apparel the past few seasons, we haven’t been happier. The shirts are well made, really comfortable and they have plenty of options for the fan in your life!

Recently, I spoke with one of the directors at BreakingT and asked if we could do a special giveaway to drum up support for their products, all while promoting our product at the same time.

They were totally on board, so I spoke with Bryan Anthony Davis, our podcast producer, and other co-editor Dave Schofield to hash out a plan on how we can decipher who wins the giveaway.

Here is what we came up with:

Every day of the work week (Monday thru Friday) you have to listen to our morning audio podcasts. Those podcasts are as follows:

Monday: Let’s Ride with Jeff Hartman
Tuesday: The Live Mike with Michael Beck
Wednesday: Let’s Ride with Jeff Hartman
Thursday: Steelers Stat Geek with Dave Schofield
Friday: Let’s Ride with Jeff Hartman

At some point, not always the same point of the show, you will hear the host give you the clue for the day. The clue will be a Steelers player, and it will be up to you to collect the clues, and decipher the code.

The first person to complete the code and email me ( will be deemed the winner. So, in this case, the early bird does catch the worm.

If you want to know what shirts BreakingT has to offer, check the link HERE and you can choose either a t-shirt or a hoodie, all for FREE!

Not sure how to find our podcasts? You will see articles here at BTSC with all our podcasts in them, but you can also find them wherever you find podcasts. A simple search for ‘Steelers’ or ‘Behind the Steel Curtain’ will do the trick.

Here are some links in case you need them:

Apple Users: CLICK HERE


Google Play: CLICK HERE

Let the games begin!! HERE WE GO!