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Don’t you ever want to unplug from the Pittsburgh Steelers?

It’s the end of May. Time for you to take the intensity down a bit when talking about your Pittsburgh Steelers.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Rookie Minicamp Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

“Wanna get away?” I believe that’s a famous quote from some insurance commercial. Or maybe it’s from an airline ad.

I don’t know, all I know is it’s May, almost the end of the month, actually. As it pertains to the Pittsburgh Steelers, don’t you just feel like getting away from it all for at least a little bit before things really begin to ramp up again? I ask this question because it doesn’t seem like you, the reader and fan base, ever want to.

You’re like Jack “Hacksaw” Reynolds, the former linebacker who played for the Rams and 49ers. Legend has it, he used to show up to the team meal on the morning of game day, dressed in full uniform: helmet, pads, the black stuff under the eyes, the whole works.

That’s intensity.

But at least Hacksaw Reynolds was gearing up to do physical battle with other large and intense men in the fall and winter. He wasn’t on social media or a blog getting into battles over the Steelers’ depth at outside linebacker at the end of May.

“Who are the Steelers going to sign for depth? I worry about that!!!!!” they often scream in some comments section. “Kevin Colbert must go! Coach Dumblin must go!”

I don’t know about the depth; I’m sure it will get sorted out eventually.

Don’t you want to read about the time I went to that one game in 1988? I had fun and twirled my first Terrible Towel at old Three Rivers Stadium. Don’t you want to hear about that once great venue that is now nothing but cement in close proximity to where Heinz Field and PNC Park stand today? (BTW, if you want to get away and go back in time, check out Behind the Steel Curtain’s Steelers Retro Show Podcast every week with yours truly and Bryan Anthony Davis. You can find it on any audio platform.)

What’s that? You don’t want to read or hear about old Steelers memories? You don’t want to read about PNC Park? You don’t want to talk about baseball at all?

It’s almost summer.

You say you’re yearning for all the info you can consume regarding Matt Canada’s new offense and are wondering why we at BTSC aren’t giving you more of it? Haven’t we given you enough? Oh, I see, you have a fever, and the only cure is more talk about Matt Canada’s offense.

No offense, but I’m not even sure if Matt Canada knows what the Steelers new offense is really supposed to look like right now.

Don’t worry, it’s May; I’m sure Canada will figure things out and the offense will be unveiled when the time is right. He’s not taking it with him over the border to that country that’s named after him (or so it would seem if you listen to all the people with the heightened expectations following the Randy Fichtner era). Haven’t you heard all the offensive rookies talk about what they’ve learned so far? They love what Canada’s revealed to them. Haven’t you heard quarterback Ben Roethlisberger talk about Canada’s schemes? I haven’t, but I’m sure if he made some sort of cryptic, Passive-Aggressive Ben comment while discussing it with the media, we’d all be having knock-down, drag-out fights over it.

Did I mention that it’s May?

Why are you emailing me about my illiterate articles this time of year? Can’t I get a break from it all? Do I have to be literate 24/7/365 when writing about the Steelers? (Were there any mistakes made in the above sentence? Is it a sentence or a paragraph? Am I using question marks the right way? Is this stuff in parentheses actually part of the above sentence/paragraph?)

Do you know what I like to do on Sunday mornings? I like to get up and play easy listening music on my YouTube streaming channel. Sure, I’m a champion like Carrie Underwood as I tackle my responsibilities during the week. But on Sunday mornings, I’m all about the sunrise, and it sure does look like morning in Norah Jones’ eyes.

Yes, I do drive a fast car during the week. On Sunday morning, however, it’s all about re-charging my batteries, reflecting on life and regaining the confidence that I could be someone, be someone, be someone.

As it pertains to the Pittsburgh Steelers offseason, this is your Sunday morning. Relax. The Steelers will eventually address their depth at (insert position here). Matt Canada’s offense will be revealed to the world, probably in August (or at least the vanilla version of it).

Break out the easy listening music. Hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your mind.

The Steelers will still be here when you’re done with your mental break.