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2021 NFL Draft: Scouting Roundup on Steelers C Kendrick Green

What the experts were saying about the Steelers third round pick.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 13 Purdue at Illinois Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Kendrick Green from the University of Illinois with their third round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Here’s what different draft analysts were saying about Kendrick Green.

Oliver Hodgkinson for Pro Football Network

The Good

Strong, keeps his feet moving, and blocks with a nasty attitude. Fires off the snap, quickly gets to the second level, and takes linebackers from the action. Gets movement run blocking, knocks defenders from their angles of attack with a violent hand punch, and works to finish off opponents. Sets with a wide base, blocks with good knee bend, and always looks for someone to hit.

The Bad

Stiffness hurts his ability to finish blocks. Does not move well enough laterally for a zone-blocking scheme.

NFL Draft Bible

The Good

Green is an explosive athlete out of his stance who is fast in a straight line and can climb to the second level easily. His lateral agility is also great, making him a tremendous puller. He uses his momentum to convert into power when blocking opponents on the move. As a combo blocker, Green is strong enough to knock nose tackles off balance and reach and seal linebackers. In pass sets, he gains depth easily and mirrors rushers with his active feet.

The Bad

Green does not have the strongest anchor as he can be bull-rushed by strong defenders. He has to improve his hands, which can be predictable. His aggressive style gets the better of him at times, causing him to whiff. On the move, he is not always able to locate defenders, and some of his angles are too aggressive.

Kyle Crabbs for The Draft Network

The Good

Green has the lateral mobility and functional athleticism to develop and continue to work with at the pro level—his potential as a recent position swap should not be ignored. Viewing him through the scope of a player who is still new to the position, the flashes of leverage at the point of attack and mobility, particularly at center, make him a worthwhile flier later in the draft.

The Bad

Green is understandably rough around the edges with the finer points of strike placement, feel for scraping defenders, angles when climbing to the second level, and his footwork and base; there are too many reps in which Green finds himself on the ground.

Lance Zierlein for

The Good

Off the ball in a hurry, gaining lateral ground with ease.
Impressive ability to reach and wall-off from a gap away.
Accelerates through contact, creating wash-down momentum.
Short-area quickness allows for tighter schedule on combos.
Play-switch energy and fire from snap to whistle.
Resets his hands in order to gather pass rusher in front of him.

The Bad

Too straight-legged up to second level.
Inaccurate radar landing on pull and climb targets.
Defenders are able to separate and play off his blocks.
Shorter arms make block sustain a challenge.
Gets glued to twist action and misses incoming rusher.
Overextends, allowing edge to soften.


There is some contradictory opinions on Kendrick Green, but what is consistently mentioned is his energy, his quickness getting off the snap, and his ability to reach a gap away.

On the negative side his footwork gets mentioned a good bit as well as his over-aggressiveness getting him into trouble.

He brings the attitude and scheme fit the Steelers want and if they can iron out his flaws, he’ll be a really good center for a long time.