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11 reasons why the Steelers will be totally horrible in 2021

The Steelers are going to be bad in 2021, and this article includes 11 realistic reasons why.

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With the Steelers about to embark on yet another hot and sweaty training camp, I’d just like to say that I don’t think they will be very good in 2021. I don’t normally like to say things like that, but I’m trying to advance in my career as a journalist (or whatever).

Therefore, with my black lenses smashed into itty bitty pieces, and my gold frames mangled in my garbage disposal, I’d just like to keep it real moving forward when discussing how I feel Pittsburgh will do once training camp ends and the regular season begins. I realize my headline seems negative, but I just know my realness will get spun into negativity, so I might as well just go with it.

Below are 11 reasons why I just know the Steelers will be bad in 2021.

  1. They are going to spend all summer working out in the hot Pittsburgh sun, especially quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. If you know you’re 39, why work out at all? Why not just do all that you can to preserve whatever energy you have left for the regular season? He’s spent the majority of his career not caring about fitness, and now I’m supposed to believe he’s suddenly serious about it and committed to getting in shape? I’m supposed to believe he’s suddenly all about film study and reading defenses? Just stick to being the playground quarterback you’ve always been, Ben. That really is the only shot you have to squeeze one last season out of your 39-year old arm. That pretty much goes for the rest of the team—at least the part about preserving your energy. It’s going to be a long, hard year. The more you rest, the more likely you might be to eke out an extra victory or two, especially by the end of the season, when contending teams are resting most of their starters.
  2. The offensive line will be completely new. What if it’s good, you say? Maybe, but I’m glass half-empty.
  3. Running back Najee Harris represents horrible value as a first-round pick. That’s it, that’s the third reason.
  4. Bud Dupree is gone, and there’s literally nobody at outside linebacker behind Alex Highsmith, who will undoubtedly get hurt. Even if Highsmith stays healthy all season, T.J. Watt will spend all 17 games getting triple-teamed. Not good.
  5. Matt Canada is the new offensive coordinator. What has he done up to this point to prove to you that he can design a game plan at the NFL level? I’ll wait.
  6. The Steelers have the toughest schedule on paper in 2021. As we all know, those things tend to work out just the way we think they will.
  7. Canada said the Steelers are just going to let Roethlisberger do whatever he wants on offense. When I saw that quote, I knew there was no point in digging any deeper. The offense is doomed.
  8. Former NFL general manager Mike Tannenbaum says Roethlisberger will be benched by mid-season. You really think Mason Rudolph can lead this offense? He has no feet. You honestly believe Dwayne Haskins can get his act together and lead this team? He has no morals.
  9. There’s the feeling.
  10. Mike Tomlin teams always play down to their competition.
  11. TikTok.