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BTSC Fantasy Football Draft Open Thread, Tuesday, July 20

It is time for the BTSC Fantasy Football League to make their picks...and here is an open thread to discuss said selections!

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to night two of the second annual BTSC Fantasy Football draft! For the first time ever, the draft will be taking place in the comment section, which means that all BTSC members get to not only watch as the picks come in, but also interact with the fantasy team owners.

Since this type of “virtual offline draft” will take longer than a normal draft to complete, we are splitting the draft up over two nights, July 19th and July 20th, beginning at 7 ET both nights.

Each team owner is a member of the BTSC website, and we have some high profile names in the league this year. BTSC writer and podcast personality Shannon White has joined this year, and Jeremy Betz, the host of BTSC’s first ever fantasy football podcast coming this fall, has joined the league for the second straight year. We also have some of BTSC’s most popular commenters, including AliquippaQuip, Blunosed Steelhead, Yinzer, and many others! We are also excited to have last year’s league champion, Dooogs, in the league once again.

Not only do we have several popular members on the editorial side of the site, but we also have a couple favorite listeners of the live podcasts on YouTube in the league, including Black & Gold Goggles and Tyler W. We are also excited to see several new members of BTSC join in on the fun, including Mikep816, mswagner, Cocalico, and several others.

All of that to say, it is going to be a blast! Our team owners have been working hard as they assemble their rankings for a draft that will be 240 picks long.

For those of you in the league, you will want this thread opened for the entire night. You will also want our Google Sheets pick tracker, which you can view HERE, opened in a separate tab throughout the draft. If the draft thread begins to bog down, we will move to a new Fan Post thread for the remainder of the night. Splitting the draft up over two nights will hopefully help with that issue, but in the event we need to move to a FanPost, I will have one ready and will post the link in the comments if we decide to move over to that thread.

First of all, I would like to thank senior editor Jeff Hartman for allowing this event to take place on the BTSC site. I would also like to thank BTSC member itsports01 for updating the pick tracker throughout the draft and OneBucPerson for helping draft for the team owners that are unable to make it.

Each person will get approximately 90 seconds to make their pick. For round one, I will put people on the clock, but after round one, your time starts right when the person before you makes their pick. Make sure that you are crossing names off your own rankings as the players are taken. We do not want anyone draft players that were already taken, as it would only prolong the draft more.

If you are unable to make it in time to draft for your team either night, please let me know as soon as possible. If a team owner does not show up to make their selections, they will be given the highest rated player on’s default rankings at their greatest position of need.

If you are a member of the site, I highly encourage you to watch us draft in the comments below and interact with us as we make our picks. I just ask that you do not post GIFs, videos, or images that could potentially bog the comment section down. But have fun grading our picks, trash talking, and talking Pittsburgh Steelers football!

Our fantasy draft is finally here, BTSC!!! It is now time to head to the comment section and see how night two of the draft unfolds!