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The Pittsburgh Steelers will win the Super Bowl in 2021

In the “30 Scenarios in 30 Days” series, we break down situations which could take place for the Steelers in 2021.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers are preparing for the 2021 regular season, but before the real games begin, the team has to head to training camp to fine tune their skills. As we here at BTSC prepare you for the start of camp, we give you a series called “30 Scenarios in 30 Days” which gives you a Steelers scenario every day leading up to the start of camp.

It is simple how it works. We provide you the scenario, reasons why it will or won’t happen, and then our prediction for what we think will take place.

Let’s get to the scenario...

Scenario: The Pittsburgh Steelers will win the Super Bowl in 2021

Why it will happen: When the Steelers’ backs are against the wall, it seems they play their best. The last time they had the strongest schedule, at least in my shoddy memory, was when they found their way to Super Bowl 43. I think most fans would admit if Mike Tomlin has a flaw, it is the fact his teams sometimes play down to the level of their competition. The good news is this won’t be happening very often in 2021. If the Steelers can play up to their competition, which happens almost as frequently as the alternative, the Steelers will be extremely competitive this season. But the scenario is they win the whole thing. I am a firm believer that you just need to get into the dance to have a chance at the trophy. If the Steelers are playing their best football, and as healthy as possible, entering the playoffs, they have as good a chance as anyone.

Why it won’t happen: The Steelers’ 2021 schedule is a murderer’s row if I’ve ever seen one, and you have to wonder if this roster will have what it takes to get the job done. You have to assume there will be injuries throughout a 17-game season, and if the Steelers lack anything it is quality depth at key positions. This is a season where it could go either way, it could be a 6-11 season, or an 11-6 season. You don’t have to go far on social media to find fans who believe this team will be awful, and after the salary cap dropped this offseason you can definitely understand why some think that way. A Super Bowl seems like a long shot right now.

Prediction: I am an eternal optimist when it comes to the Steelers. Always have been, always will be. However, I am long past the days of predicting Super Bowl championships. Back in 2005 and 2009, even during the season, I never thought the Steelers were going to win it all. This year is a team which could go either way. I’ll err on the side of the Steelers not winning it all. All in hope of being proven wrong.

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