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Should I really attend training camp practices at Heinz Field?

Should I attend an open Steelers training camp practice Heinz Field, or should I not attend an open Steelers training camp practice at Heinz Field? That is the question.

Denver Broncos vs Pittsburgh Steelers

When it was announced recently that the Steelers wouldn’t be conducting their annual training camp at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, Pa. for a second straight summer—and would again be hosting it at Heinz Field and their South Side Complex—I immediately began to engage in an internal debate about whether or not I would actually attend a practice or two at Heinz Field.

On one hand, it would be a cool way to check out training camp with some friends and/or family. After all, Heinz Field is literally 2.5 miles from my apartment in Crafton, Pa., a distance that’s clearly more palatable than the 40 miles I normally have to drive if I want to take in a training camp session in Latrobe (or whatever the official name is of the town where St. Vincent College is actually located).

On the other hand, it’s just so freaking hot. I mean, have you been outside, lately? I don’t know what the weather’s been like where you are, but here in Pittsburgh, it’s been a smoldering, humid existence for weeks. Would I really want to bake in the hot sun for hours while I watch a bunch of dudes wreck into one another over and over again—that is when they’re not actually standing around, of course?

I thought I would be able to avoid making a decision, entirely, when I first heard that fans would be forced to reserve tickets for each of these select open practices—there will be a total of at least 12—which will run from July 28 to August 18.

“Forcing fans to buy tickets for training camp practices?” I said to myself while plotting out an article filled with faux outrage over this perceived scheme to rip off the loyal fans. It could have been a good way to be super critical of the organization and finally earn my credentials for the press box at Heinz Field, which I believe includes central air. I had some really snarky jokes in mind, too, including a classic about not watching something if it was in my own backyard.

Unfortunately, I didn’t dig deep enough. These reserved tickets are actually going to be free (Google is your friend).

Damn it!

Truth be told, I was just hoping to get out of going because, as it turns out, I’d much rather sit in my recliner and watch streaming TV in my living room than bake in those yellow seats as I watch a training camp practice at Heinz Field.

Oh well, I guess I’ll go. Maybe I’ll go with family. Maybe I’ll go with friends.

It’s free, right? If it’s free, it’s me.