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Saturday Night Steelers Open Thread: July Long Weekend Edition

Time for another Saturday night spent with fellow members of Steelers Nation!

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Hola amigos! It seems that Canuck has headed to parts unknown this weekend, and I, Toronto Steeler Fan, am pinch-hitting. I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend, both in the USA and in Canada.

Here we go:

1. Armchair GM question No. 1: You are the GM of the Pittsburgh Steelers. David DeCastro shows up after the offseason for OTAs and has an ankle problem (bone spurs, apparently). It may need surgery to correct, and he will likely miss most or all of pre-season and maybe even part of the regular season.

What do you do: put him on IR or release him?

2. Armchair GM question No. 2: As it currently stands, T.J. Watt will be playing on his fifth-year option this season. With a lot of cap room in 2022 and beyond, and given his standing on the team as an expected cornerstone for the next several years, the team will do everything it can to come to a long-term deal with him before the season starts.

What do you think such a contract will look like? Number of years, total contract value, and guaranteed amount?

3. Armchair GM question #3: You are the GM of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The phone rings and it’s the GM of the New England Patriots*. He is offering up Chase Winovich in a trade.

What are you willing to offer him in exchange? In an apparently unrelated occurrence, you started smelling smoke when you picked up the phone.

4. Obligatory music question: You are an intelligence officer (with a specialty in psychological operations) in the employ of a hostile foreign power and you are holding Les Norton captive. Your instructions are to drive him insane, and you have decided to do so by exposing him to a single piece of music played over and over again until he goes nuts. Time is of the essence.

What piece of music are you going to play?

5. And finally, it is of course the Independence Day long weekend in the United States, and a roughly equivalent long weekend here in Canada. Do you have any special plans?