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Saturday Night Steelers Open Thread: Live from the great white north!

Come and join this merry band of Steelers’ faithful for some lively debate about our Steelers, good food and the merits of the odd cold beverage.

Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images


It seems that you are stuck with the red headed step child tonight. Your regular champion of incessant and childish teasing of the likes of Reno, SNW, BBnG, Les and even our own version of Bevis and Butthead, has drawn the short end of the stick and has to write something for the masses.

However, no need to worry as Toronto will triumphantly return at his regular scheduled time...

  1. Well the first couple of padded practices have left something to be desired for the O Line as they have been hit repeatedly with injuries. At what point does this concern you as this young group surely needs every rep available to them...
  2. By the looks of things it would appear we are going with the Bell Cow approach at running back again this season. What are your thoughts on this approach?
  3. Speaking of bell cows... yesterday young Najee got his lunch handed to him in the backs on backers competition. It was seen by many as his first real welcome to the NFL moment. Share your welcome to the big world of grown ups moment.
  4. If you could go see a Steelers preseason game this year would you? Why or why not?
  5. It’s another long weekend here in the great white north. Steak in on the menu tomorrow. Which steak is your go to and how do you prefer to cook it?